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July 22, 2020
Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs

“Tokyo Tokyo Old Meets New” Branded Tokyo Omiyage Souvenirs (Fifth Collection) Now For Sale!”

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is undertaking initiatives to effectively communicate Tokyo’s appeal internationally and domestically using the “Tokyo Tokyo Old meets New” logo and slogan.

The TMG is pleased to announce that seven “Tokyo Tokyo” branded products developed jointly with partner businesses are now for sale. The products are from the fifth collection of “Tokyo Omiyage” souvenirs, and are aimed at international visitors.

Overview of the products and partner businesses (see here(PDF:486KB) for further details and how to buy)

YAGI & CO., LTD. (Chuo City, Tokyo)

  • Tokyo Tokyo Packable Eco Bag
  • Tokyo Tokyo Pouches (Logo or Pictograms)
  • Tokyo Tokyo Towel Handkerchief (Blue/Gray)

Image of a product 1

Tokyo Tokyo Packable Eco Bag

Image of a product 2

Image of a product 3

Tokyo Tokyo Pouches

Tokyo Chainsaws Co., Ltd. (Hinohara Village, Nishitama District, Tokyo)

  • Japanese Folding Fan
  • Wooden Button Spinners

Ueyama Textile Inc. (Moriguchi City, Osaka Prefecture)

  • Socks made in Japan

ROA International Inc. (Shinjuku City, Tokyo)

  • BLUEFEEL pro+ Mini Head Fan

Changes to existing products

Please note that there have been changes to products released in previous “Tokyo Omiyage” collections, as described in the attached document(PDF:462KB).
Further information on existing products can be found on the Tokyo Tokyo Official Website <(Japansese(日本語)( External link )/英语(English)( External link )>.


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Please click here for the original Japanese press release.

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