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28 August 2020
Bureau of Olympic and Paralympic Games
Tokyo 2020 Preparation
Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Tokyo to resume the Tokyo 2020 City Cast General Training Online

We are pleased to advise you that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) will resume the City Cast general training online, which the members of the City Cast will be able to undertake safely and securely, instead of holding group training. Since October of last year, the TMG has been providing general training for those who applied for the City Cast (city volunteers) to equip them with the basic knowledge necessary for their activities. However, as part of the measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, group training has been postponed since 22 February 2020.

1. Overview:

1) Method of implementation

The City Cast members will be able to watch the training videos online on their computers and smartphones.

2) Training period (observation period)

From Monday 31 August to the end of December 2020

3) Content

Outline of the Games, how to support various kind of people (such as people with an impairment) and what to expect when participating, etc.

  • 5 chapters approximately 120 minutes in total length.
  • Each chapter will be offered in sequence from 31 August to the end of September 2020.

4) How to attend

Access the “my page” section of the City Volunteer Portal website.

  • Only accessible for the City Cast.
  • City Cast members who have already participated in the general training (group training) can also watch the videos.
  • It is possible to watch the videos multiple times.
  • We will accept questions from the volunteers by email or telephone.

2. Other initiatives:

In addition to the general training, we are preparing online training that will provide useful information on spectator guidance and a system that will allow the City Cast to interact with each other online, based on feedback from the City Cast.

3. Future schedule:

  • Winter 2020
    Confirmation of the City Cast’s preferences regarding role and activity location
  • March – April
    Notification of the City Cast’s roles and activity locations
  • April
    Leadership training, training by role and location, and distribution of uniforms*

In cooperation with the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee and others, the TMG will examine measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus during the activities of City Cast members. So the City Cast can participate with peace of mind, the TMG will provide information on those measures during the training session.

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