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September 17, 2020
Bureau of Construction

Concerning entry restrictions in force during the autumn busy period under the numbered ticket reservation system

At the Tama Zoological Park (Zoo director: Hirofumi Watabe), the number of visitors increases at this time each year as the autumn sightseeing season draws near. In order to alleviate congestion of public transport and crowding in the park, to prevent the spread of the new corona virus, and also to secure the safety of captive animals, we will adopt a numbered ticket reservation system commencing on September 19 (Saturday) and ending on November (29 Sunday), thus restricting the daily number of visitors to the park. Note that the applicable days will be limited to weekends and public holidays during the above period.
A person who wishes to visit the park during the above period must obtain a numbered ticket in advance. You can obtain a numbered ticket via the Internet from your home or another location. If you are unable to use the Internet, you can obtain a numbered ticket by using the telephone. Note that you do not require a numbered ticket if you arrive at the park after 14:30 PM.
Regarding efforts aimed at securing safety of visitors and animals, we ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.


  • 2020 Sep 19 (Sat), Sep 20 (Sun), Sep 21 (Mon/holiday), Sep 22 (Tue/holiday), Sep 26 (Sat), Sep 27 (Sun)
  • 2020 Oct 3 (Sat), Oct 4 (Sun), Oct 10 (Sat), Oct 11 (Sun), Oct 17 (Sat), Oct 18 (Sun), Oct 24 (Sat), Oct 25 (Sun), Oct 31 (Sat)
  • 2020 Nov 1 (Sun), Nov 3 (Tue/holiday), Nov 7 (Sat), Nov 8 (Sun), Nov 14 (Sat), Nov 15 (Sun), Nov 21 (Sat), Nov 22 (Sun), Nov 23 (Mon/holiday), Nov 28 (Sat), Nov 29 (Sun)

2.Persons who require numbered ticket

Persons who arrive at the park between 9:30 AM and 14:15 PM

*Park opening times: Between 9:30 AM and 17:00 PM (You must arrive at the park no later than 16:00 PM.)

3.Limiting the number of visitors by using the numbered ticket reservation system

Up to 5,000 persons each day (On a first-come and first-served basis using the numbered ticket reservation system)

4.How to obtain a numbered ticket

  1. Order a numbered ticket by using the Internet or the telephone. If you made an application for a numbered ticket by using a smartphone or a tablet terminal, the QR code displayed on the screen will become a numbered ticket without change.
  2. Applications for numbered tickets are received on a first-come first-served basis. The period of reception starts 9:00 AM on September 12 (Sat), 2020
    • First reception: Starts 9:00 AM on September 12 (Sat) to receive applications for September 19 (Sat), September 20 (Sun), September 21 (Mon/holiday), and September 22 (Tue/holiday)
    • Next reception: Starts 9:00 AM on September 19 (Sat) to receive applications for September 26 (Sat), September 27 (Sun), October 3 (Sat), and October 4 (Sun)

    *Subsequently, as set out in the attachment(PDF:14KB), we will accept on Saturdays every two weeks applications for Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in the next week and the week after that.

  3. The time during which a visitor is in the park is divided into 45-minute time slots. When making an application for a numbered ticket, select the desired time slot. The first time slot is between 09:30 AM and 10:15 AM, and the last time slot is between 13:30 PM and 14:15 PM. Enter the park within these time slots.
  4. You can select only one numbered ticket for the day on which you wish to enter the park. Up to five persons including the person making an application can make an application as a group.

Making an application using the Internet

Connect your smartphone, tablet terminal or PC to our dedicated website and make application by following the instructions on the screen.

*A numbered ticket will be issued to a single person as the representative of a group. If you have made an application from a smartphone or a tablet terminal, the numbered ticket together with a QR code will appear on the screen of your device when you enter the park, so bring the device with you to the park. If you make an application using a PC, print out the numbered ticket bearing the QR code, and then take it to the park.

Inquiry concerning the numbered ticket reservation system

Make an inquiry using the inquiry form on the numbered ticket application dedicated website

*Please note that we cannot provide details of Tama Zoological Park’s application system. Please note.
*If you wish to enter the park for a reason other than that related to sightseeing or the application system, you must contact the following.
Tama Zoological Park 042-591-1611 (Japanese only)

Making an application by telephone

If you are unable to use the Internet, please contact us using our dedicated telephone number. After making an application, transfer the generated confirmation number to the memory, and notify an official on duty that day. In order to reduce congestion in telephone circuits, make an application using the Internet as far as possible.

Telephone 03-5256-6161 (from 09:00 AM to 18:00 PM without days off during the applicable period) (Japanese only)
*If you use this dedicated telephone number, you will only be able to make application to obtain a numbered ticket. Press note that we are unable to reply to questions that are unrelated to the method of making application for a numbered ticket.

5.How to enter the park using the numbered ticket reservation system

To enter the park, you also need another ticket, such as an admission ticket, in addition to a numbered ticket. After confirming the numbered ticket using the following procedure, purchase an admission ticket or present your yearly passport, and then enter the park.

  1. Present a numbered ticket at the numbered ticket confirmation place installed in front of the entrance, at the time and date specified on the numbered ticket. Unless you possess a numbered ticket, you cannot proceed to the admission ticket selling booth or to the entrance.
  2. Sometimes there are cases in which we have you yourself confirm a numbered ticket. Before entering the park, make sure that you bring along some personal identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, health insurance card, or student identification card, in addition to the numbered ticket.
  3. Before entering the park, be sure to purchase an admission ticket at the admission ticket selling booth, or keep your yearly passport with you.

6.Facilities, events or services to be cancelled

In order to prevent the spread of the new corona virus, we will cancel some exhibition facilities, events and services. For details, see our formal site.


(1) Concerning a numbered ticket

  1. It is strictly forbidden to engage in behavior such as the transfer or re-selling of numbered tickets, or behavior such as the solicitation of companions aiming at commercial gain by selling rights to enter the park. If we discover such behavior, we will prevent entry of the person concerned to the park.
  2. You can make an application to obtain a numbered ticket only once on the day that you wish to enter the park. Note that if you made application for multiple visits in one day, all of the applications will become void, and in some cases you may be prevented from making subsequent applications.
  3. Note that if you happen to lose a numbered ticket we cannot re-issue it, so be careful not to lose it.
  4. The only persons who can enter the park are the person representing the group who made the application and his or her companions (a group consisting of up to five persons).
  5. We will not change the schedule of a person who is no longer able to enter the park, or re-offer numbered tickets that have been canceled.
  6. Even if you have a yearly passport and various admission tickets with you, or you are exempt from paying for the price of admission, you still require a numbered ticket.

(2) When entering the park

  1. Bearing in mind the situation regarding the spread of the new corona virus, Tama Zoological Park has established “new ways of enjoying zoos.” Be sure to observe these rules when entering the park.
    • [New ways of enjoying zoos and aquariums run by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government]
    • At zoos and aquariums run by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we have established “new ways of enjoying zoos and aquariums,” bearing in mind the situation regarding the spread of the new corona virus. Be sure to observe these rules when entering the park.
    • Before entering the park
      • Do not enter the park if you have a temperature (roughly 37.5C or higher), a cough or other signs of a cold, or if you are feeling under the weather.
    • When entering the park
      • We will prevent you from entering the park if your body temperature is 37.5C or higher.
      • When entering the park, please cooperate in the sterilization of your fingers and also the sterilization of your feet using a sterilization mat.
    • When strolling inside the park
      • When strolling around the park, maintain an appropriate distance between yourself and other visitors.
      • Please cooperate with us by wearing a mask to help prevent the spread of inspection.
      • Please cooperate with us by carefully washing your hands.
      • When sightseeing in the park, do not stay in one place for a long period.
      • Do not touch the glass of exhibition facilities, or the exhibited items themselves.
    • Gift shop and restaurant
      • Avoid using the gift shop at times when it is crowded.
      • When eating at the restaurant, try to finish in a short time.
      • When making payment at the restaurant, use a credit card or electronic currency as far as possible.
  2. After 14:00 PM, you may be unable to see some of the animals because they are moved in their sleeping quarters.
  3. When entering the park or sightseeing in the park, follow the guidance and instructions of the person-in-charge. Please refrain from behavior which constitutes a nuisance to others.
  4. Tama Zoological Park does not have parking space for regular vehicles. Please use one of the pay parking lots in the vicinity. Note that these parking lots may be full during busy periods
  5. On days when entry to the park is restricted, you cannot use the handicapped parking lot at the front gate. In this case please use the handicapped parking lot beneath the monorail platform. When you wish to use this parking lot, show your (or your companion’s) disability certificate to the security officer. Note that the capacity of the parking lot is small.

(3) Others

  1. During a period when entry is restricted, groups will be prevented access on weekends and public holidays.
  2. Depending upon the situation of use inside the park, it may become necessary to change the method of managing the park. In this case, we will inform you via our website “Tokyo Zoo Net”( External link ) using the ampersand.

This press release is also available in other languages. (日本語中文한국어)

Inquiries (Japanese only)

Tokyo Zoological Park Society
[Tama Zoological Park]
Phone: 042-591-1611 available until 5:00 PM
Park Management Section, Park Division, Bureau of Construction
Phone: 03-5320-5325


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