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September 25, 2020
Bureau of Olympic and Paralympic Games
Tokyo 2020 Preparation
Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Announcement of public use of new permanent venues ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Games (Part 5)

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is pleased to announce the opening dates of new permanent venues for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 for public use, following the postponement of the Games. The venues will be open to the public to the extent that public usage does not interfere with the delivery of and preparations for the Games. Venues will open for public use sequentially, once consultations with the relevant organisations have concluded and safety measures for temporary overlays have been implemented. At this time, the activities and services offered at the Sea Forest Waterway, Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre, Oi Hockey Stadium, and Tokyo Aquatics Centre have been decided, as detailed below. The opening dates of other venues will be announced at a later date.

1. Venues

Please see following appendix for details of activities and services and how to use the facilities.

1) Sea Forest Waterway

(6-44, 3chome, Uminomori, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
Olympics: Canoe Sprint, Rowing
Paralympics: Canoe, Rowing

2) Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre

(1-1, 6chome, Rinkaicho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo)
Olympics: Canoe Slalom

3) Oi Hockey Stadium

(1-19, 4chome, Yashio, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo / 2-1, 1chome, Tokai, Ota-ku, Tokyo)
Olympics: Hockey

4) Tokyo Aquatics Centre (New)

(2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
Olympics: Artistic Swimming, Diving, Swimming
Paralympics: Swimming


2. Other

  • Please note that sufficient infection control measures are being taken at each venue based on the TMG’s “Roadmap to Overcoming COVID-19 – to build a society where the ‘new normal’ is firmly established”. We would like to ask all users for their cooperation with measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure safety.
  • In order to manage the temporary overlays for the Tokyo 2020 Games, as well as ensure the safety of users, each venue may have restrictions with respect to the area that may be used and its usage. Please follow the instructions of the facility operator when using the venues.
  • The public use of venues may be suspended in the future depending on the novel coronavirus situation.

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Inquiries (Assistance in Japanese only)

For Sea Forest Waterway and Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre:
Phone: 03-5388-2271
For Oi Hockey Stadium and Tokyo Aquatics Centre:
Phone: 03-5320-7742

Venue Opening Preparations, Tokyo 2020 Games Venues Division
Bureau of Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Preparation