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October 21, 2020
Bureau of Olympic and Paralympic Games
Tokyo 2020 Preparation
Tokyo Metropolitan Government

 Tokyo 2020 Games City Cast (City Volunteers) Questionnaire Results and Planned Measures

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) conducted a questionnaire survey of registered City Cast (city volunteers) last August regarding their expectations for and concerns about the Tokyo 2020 Games, postponed for a year from the original schedule, with the goal of improving preparations. This is a report of the results of that questionnaire survey and the measures to be implemented.

1. Overview


30,486 individuals registered as City Cast at the time of the questionnaire


From Monday 10 August to Monday 31 August 2020


Respondents completed an online questionnaire survey answer sheet.
(Mail-in survey forms were also available.)

4)Valid responses

13,480 (Response rate: 44.2%)

2. Summary of the Questionnaire Results

Samples of questionnaire items and majority responses are shown below. Result details are shown in the appendix(PDF:207KB). (in Japanese only)

Q. What would you like more information on in future training? (Multiple responses were acceptable.)

  • Information to ensure safe and secure activities (countermeasures for COVID-19, hot weather, etc.) (76.7%)
  • Emergency response (use of AED, etc.) (58.6%)
  • Tourism and transportation in Tokyo (56.2%)

Q. What are you looking forward to about participating as a volunteer? (Multiple responses were acceptable.)

  • The opportunity to communicate with many spectators. (74.1%)
  • The opportunity to feel the exciting atmosphere of the Games. (67.6%)
  • The opportunity to tell visitors about the appealing aspects of Tokyo and other regions. (49.5%)

Q. What are your concerns about the Games? (Multiple responses were acceptable.)

  • The infection status of COVID-19 (79.0%)
  • The impact of the postponement of the Games on the level of enthusiasm (49.3%)
  • Physical capacity (due to hot weather, etc.) (42.1%)

Q. What do you expect from the Tokyo 2020 City Cast Operation Office (Tokyo Metropolitan Government)? (Multiple responses were acceptable.)

  • I expect the Operation Office to create a safe and secure environment for volunteer activities. (75.1%)
  • I expect the Operation Office to be flexible about the number of days and hours that volunteers engage in activities. (65.6%)
  • I expect the Operation Office to provide detailed information about the Games. (59.7%)

3. Measures to be taken in response to opinions from City Cast members

1)Infection control measures

The TMG has been creating infection control manuals for City Cast to ensure a safe and secure environment for volunteer activities. Based on the infection control measures that have been discussed with the Government of Japan and the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, the TMG will consider further and discuss specific approaches with City Cast members in training scheduled for spring 2021.

2)Heat countermeasures

In addition to planned approaches such as the insertion of indoor breaks between activities, measures to be implemented by the TMG include providing times and shaded locations at a distance from visitors to the Games for City Cast members to remove their masks for rest and rehydration.

3)Number of scheduled days and hours for City Cast members

Understanding the burden that postponement of the Games has placed on individual City Cast members originally scheduled to participate in volunteer activities (5 days or more), the TMG will flexibly respond to individual needs. The TMG will also explain in training, etc. that City Cast members will be able to leave earlier than scheduled on days when the weather or their physical condition make it difficult for them to complete their full shift (typically about 5 hours including breaks).


The TMG will explain infection control measures, emergency response including use of AED, and more in training by role scheduled for spring 2021. In 2020, the TMG is also planning to hold online training on support for individuals requiring special care, support such as sign language, and online City Cast gatherings.

Reference: Future Schedule

Winter 2020

  • Online training (Support for individuals requiring special care, etc.)
  • Online gatherings
  • Confirmation of City Cast member intention and preferences regarding role and activity location

March – April 2021

  • Notification of the City Cast member roles and activity locations

From April 2021

  • Leadership training
  • Training by role and location
  • Distribution of uniforms

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