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November 4, 2020
Bureau of Construction
Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

Restricted Admission to Rikugien Garden during Autumn Foliage Season with Numbered Ticket Reservation System

The number of visitors to the Rikugien Garden per day will be limited from Wednesday November 11 to Sunday December 13 with a numbered ticket reservation system to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection.
Persons wishing to visit Rikugien will need to obtain a numbered ticket in advance. The ticket can be obtained through a dedicated website on the Internet. You can also get the ticket via telephone (in Japanese only) if you cannot use the Internet.
We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation with our efforts to secure the safety of visitors.
The traditional illumination of the Garden during autumn will not occur this year as a further precaution against COVID-19 infection.

1. Schedule

Wednesday November 11 - Sunday December 13, 2020

2. Persons who need a numbered ticket

Visitors who arrive at the Garden between 9:00 and 16:30
*Open: Between 9:00 and 17:00 (Last admission to the garden at 16:30.)
*Persons who hold an annual passport, advance ticket, Enmusubi ticket, Grutto round pass, or other discount tickets also need to make a reservation in advance.
*Children under elementary school age, elementary school children, and junior high school students living and attending school in Tokyo also need to make a reservation in advance. (Children under elementary school age need to be accompanied by their parent/guardian.)
*Persons who have a physical disability certificate, intellectual disability certificate (Ai-no-techo), mental disability certificate, or rehabilitation certificate and any companion of such a person do not need to make a reservation for a numbered ticket. Please come to the admission ticket counter directly.
*Group visits are not permitted during the restricted admission period.

3. Restriction of the number of visitors by the numbered ticket reservation system

Up to 5,000 persons each day (on a first-come, first-served basis using the numbered ticket reservation system)

4. How to obtain a numbered ticket

  1. Apply for a numbered ticket on the website or by telephone (in Japanese only). We recommend you apply via Internet to avoid congestion on the telephone lines. If you make an application for a numbered ticket from a smartphone or tablet, the QR code displayed on the screen will serve as the numbered e-ticket.
  2. Applications for numbered tickets are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications open at 9:00 am on Sunday November 1, 2020
    *Applications will open at 9:00 am every day.
No. Start of application Periods requiring reservation
1 November 1 (Sun.) November 11 (Wed.) - 15 (Sun.)
2 November 8 (Sun.) November 16 (Mon.) - 22 (Sun.)
3 November 15 (Sun.) November 23 (Mon. / holiday) - 29 (Sun.)
4 November 22 (Sun.) November 30 (Mon.) - December 6 (Sun.)
5 November 29 (Sun.) December 7 (Mon.) - 13 (Sun.)
  1. Last admission to the Garden is at 16:30. Please enter before then.
  2. You can apply for only one admittance for the day on which you wish to visit the Garden. Up to five persons including the person making the application can make an application as a group.

5. Making an application via Internet

Connect your smartphone, tablet or PC to our dedicated website and make an application following the instructions on the screen.

*Websites will be accessible at a later date.
*Numbered tickets will be issued to a single person as the representative of a group. If you have made an application using your smartphone or tablet, please bring the device to show the QR code of your numbered ticket when you enter the Garden. If your application was made using a PC, print out the numbered ticket bearing the QR code to bring to the Garden with you.

6. Making an application by telephone (in Japanese only)

If you are unable to use the Internet, please contact us using the dedicated telephone number. After making an application, take note of the issued confirmation number, and show it to an official on duty when you enter the Garden.
Phone: 03-3941-6277 (from 09:00 to 17:00, open all through the applicable period)
*With this dedicated telephone number, you will only be able to make an application for numbered tickets. Please note that we are unable to reply to inquiries about matters other than numbered tickets.

7. How to enter the Garden using the numbered ticket reservation system

To enter the Garden, you also need another ticket, such as an admission ticket, in addition to the numbered ticket. After confirming the numbered ticket using the following procedure, purchase an admission ticket or present your annual passport, etc. to enter the Garden.

  1. Present your numbered ticket at the numbered ticket confirmation office in front of the entrance or admission ticket counter, on the date specified on the numbered ticket.
  2. You may be asked to show your ID when confirming your numbered ticket. Please bring along a form of personal identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, health insurance card, or student identification card, in addition to the numbered ticket.
  3. Before entering the Garden, be sure to purchase an admission ticket at the admission ticket counter, or show your annual passport to enter.

8. Events or services to be cancelled

Some events and services including the illumination of the Garden may be cancelled as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19 infection. For details, please see the website of Rikugien Garden(External link).

9. Precautions

(1) Concerning numbered tickets

  1. It is strictly forbidden to engage in behavior such as the transfer or re-selling of numbered tickets, or otherwise granting access to the Garden for commercial gain through gathering companions. If we discover such behavior, we will deny entrance to the person(s) concerned.
  2. You can make an application to obtain a numbered ticket only once per day that you wish to enter the Garden. Note that if you made applications for multiple visits in one day, all of the applications will become void, and in some cases you may be prevented from making subsequent applications.
  3. Note that if you happen to lose a numbered ticket we cannot re-issue it, so be careful not to lose it.
  4. Admission will only be granted to the person who made the application on behalf of a group and his or her companions (a group consisting of up to five persons).
  5. If a person is no longer able to visit the Garden at the specified time, the ticket may not be rescheduled. Numbered tickets that have been canceled will not be re-offered.
  6. Persons who have an annual passport, advance ticket, Enmusubi ticket, Grutto round pass, or other discount tickets also need a numbered ticket.

(2) When visiting the Garden

  1. We would like to ask for your cooperation in the following matters concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • If you do not feel well, please refrain from visiting the Garden.
    • Please avoid the busy hours (from 11:00 to 14:00) when visiting the Garden.
    • Please use disinfectants when entering and frequently wash your hands after entering.
    • Please wear a mask if you cannot keep enough distance (at least 2 m) from other visitors.
    • Please keep an appropriate distance in areas with crowds, e.g. when viewing flowers in peak bloom.
    • We are asking visitors to register on the COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application.
  2. Please follow the guidance and instructions of the staff at the entrance and inside the Garden. Please refrain from any act that disturbs other visitors.
  3. There is no parking at the Rikugien Garden. Please use parking lots located near the Garden. Parking availability may be limited at peak times.

(3) Others

Operation of the system is subject to change depending on visit conditions. Notification of any such change(s) will be given on the website of Rikugien Garden(External link).

※This press release is also available in other languages. (日本語English中文한국어)

Inquiries (Japanese only)
General Affairs Division, Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association
Phone: 03-3232-3038
Park Management Section, Park Division, Bureau of Construction
Phone: 03-5320-5376

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