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November 5, 2020
Office for Strategic Policy and ICT Promotion

The Selection of Joint Projects for the Tokyo Innovation Ecosystem Formation Promotion Support Initiative for FY 2020

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government supports activities of private organizations (hereinafter referred to as “certified area conferences”) that actively address the formation of an innovation ecosystem (hereinafter referred to as “ecosystem”) where a variety of players, such as entrepreneurs, major enterprises, investors and research institutes from inside and outside Japan gather and cooperate in order to create an environment to stimulate innovation in Tokyo.
We have selected nine joint projects by five organizations described below. Of the many projects submitted for the support scheme by the certified area conferences that have been selected for this fiscal year’s support, these nine were chosen based on a review by experts.

Selected projects (9 projects by 5 organizations)

Representative business operator (in Japanese alphabetical order) Area Outline of joint project
Keikyu Corporation Shinagawa
●Kamata & small factories around the area
Build a platform to deepen understanding between creators and small factories in the town that otherwise have little contact with each other in order to generate collaborative projects.
●Redevelopment of Shinagawa & business travel
Plan and test services and products to invite business travelers to commercial facilities in the area based on an analysis of business traveler data
The Council for Area Development and Management of Otemachi, Marunouchi, and Yurakucho Otemachi
●People-flow analysis beacon
Install beacons on buildings in the area to capture data on the dynamics of the fluid population in the entire area.
Tokyu Corporation Shibuya ●Shibuyahiryo
Develop products using compost and fertilizers recycled from garbage in the area.
Attract more customers and improve cash management for business operators in the area by issuing an in-house form of electronic money that is unique to each store or to the community at large.
Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. Yaesu
●Use of postal management cloud
Reduce inefficient work, such as worker attendance for merely collecting postal items, by introducing a postal management cloud service for the major enterprises and co-working spaces in the area.
●Smart shuttle service for businesses
Provide a door-to-door smart shuttle service using dynamic routing by AI for major enterprise business people as a means of transportation for commuting or visiting customers.
Mori Building Co., Ltd. Toranomon
●Start-up matching platform
Compile a matching platform database between overseas start-ups and Japanese major enterprises.
●Use of sensor technology to develop workplaces
Examine workplace conditions after the COVID-19 pandemic using an integrated platform based on information with compound sensors (infrared radiation, millimeter waves, etc.).

Content of support

In the face of the prolonged struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is providing the following support to joint projects for innovation in the Tokyo Metropolis in collaboration with multiple businesses in order to solve social challenges facing Tokyo.

  • Provide human resources to promote organic coordination between players in industry, government and academia.
  • Provide human resources for the success of projects to adopt advanced technologies.
  • Actively send information about success stories, etc. overseas to entice appropriate players abroad.

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