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December 18, 2020
Bureau of Environment

Let’s focus on energy efficiency in the home this winter!

The domestic sector accounts for approximately 30 percent of the energy consumed in Tokyo. Efforts for energy efficiency at home will significantly reduce the emission of CO2 and are essential for global warming countermeasures.
We will be spending even more time at home this winter as we adapt to the new normal. Utility charges tend to hike in winter because we use more heating and hot water supply, and therefore, it is important to make an effort for energy efficiency to reduce electricity and gas charges. Learn the best ways to save energy to optimize your energy efficiency.

1 Effective energy efficiency measures in winter

(1) Effectively heat the room with appropriate ventilation.

  • The room temperature should be around 20°C when heating the room. The room should be sufficiently ventilated.
  • Circulate air in the room with a fan.

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(2) Enjoy the comfort of a warm house

  • Heat escapes from the windows. Prevent heat from escaping and chilly air from entering.

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(3) Rethink how to efficiently use heated water.

  • Family members should take a bath one right after another so that there is no need for reheating bath water.
  • Set the water temperature lower when washing dishes or face and hands. Do not leave water running.

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(4) Change the temperature setting in winter.

  • If you change the temperature setting each season, you will maximize your energy efficiency.

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2 Increase energy efficiency by updating your home appliances!

TMG will give Tokyo Zero Emission Points of 10,000 to 20,000 for the purchase of a replacement home appliance with higher energy-efficiency performance. These points can be exchanged for gift vouchers.

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Applicable products (The standard for eligible refrigerators has been changed.)

Air conditioners

Unified energy-saving label of 4 or more stars


Achieving energy efficiency standards by 100% or better
(The energy efficiency mark should be in green.)

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Energy efficiency mark

Water heaters

High-efficiency water heaters
* Purchases via the Internet are also eligible. For details, please contact the following Call Center or our website.

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Call Center

03-6634-1337 or 0570-005-083

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