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January 12, 2021
Bureau of Environment

"CREATING A SUSTAINABLE CITY: Tokyo's Environmental Policy (December 2020)” NOW AVAILABLE

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) has compiled a booklet titled CREATING A SUSTAINABLE CITY: Tokyo's Environmental Policy (December 2020), which showcases TMG’s main environmental initiatives and policy targets.
The booklet provides easy-to-understand explanations with photographs and illustrations to help Tokyo residents become more familiar with TMG’s environmental policies. It is available in Japanese and English.



The booklet gives an outline of the Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy formulated at the end of 2019, TMG’s efforts to realize a Zero Emission Tokyo, and the policy targets and initiatives set forth in each field.

  • What’s New:
    Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy
  • Realization of a Zero Emission Tokyo
  • Urban Biodiversity and Greenery
  • Clean and Comfortable Air

Full text can be downloaded via:
CREATING A SUSTAINABLE CITY Tokyo's Environmental Policy (English)

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