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February 16, 2021
Bureau of Environment

Online Seminar “Circular Innovation Forum” to be Held

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has been promoting diverse initiatives aiming to achieve virtually zero CO2 for the sustainable use of plastic by 2050.
We will hold an online seminar as follows to share information on trends in innovative businesses and technology development in Japan and overseas from the circular economy perspective with enterprises in various fields.

1 Date & time

Monday March 8, 2021 17:00 – 20:00 (Japan time)

2 Venue

Online streaming

3 Content

Organized by: TMG Bureau of Environment, In cooperation with: EX Research Institute Ltd. * Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available.




Content, etc.

Opening remarks, explanation of the program

Part 1


17:05 - 17:45

Content, etc.

Innovations toward the decarbonization of society and a circular economy
Circular Innovation


  1. Special lecture: Hosoda Eiji, Professor, College of Business Administration and Information Science, Chubu University
  2. Announcement from the TMG Bureau of Environment

Part 2


17:50 - 18:50

Content, etc.

Reuse Revolution
Introduction of the latest case studies of reuse & reduce


  1. Loop Japan (Reusable containers)
  2. iKasa (Umbrella sharing service)
  3. MUUSE (Reusable cups in Singapore, etc.)
  4. MIWA (Selling by weight in the Czech Republic, etc.)

Part 3


18:55 - 20:00

Content, etc.

Closed-loop Technologies
Introduction of the latest case studies of closed-loop recycling


  1. CLOMA
  3. Unilever Japan K.K.
  4. PureCycle Technologies (USA)

Details of the program will be announced on the website of the Bureau of Environment later.

4 Number to be admitted

First 500 arrivals

5 How to apply

Please apply through the following website.
After you apply, you will receive an email confirming your participation in the webinar. Please keep it until the day of the seminar.
(Japanese(External link))
(English(External link))
For press releases in Japanese, click here.

For inquiries (Japanese only)
Planning, Planning Section, Sustainable Materials Management Division,
Bureau of Environment
Phone: 03-5388-3593

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