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July 20, 2021
Office of the Governor for Policy Planning

Tokyo partners with the mayors of the world’s cities to release the U20 communique for delivery to the G20

The Urban 20 (U20), co-chaired by the cities of Rome and Milan, Italy, summarized the experiences and views of the U20 participating cities concerning the challenges they face, and released this as a communiqué for delivery to the G20. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government also signed this communiqué as a participant of the U20.

The fourth U20 Mayors Summit, which gathers the top leaders of U20 cities to hold discussions, is scheduled to be held in Rome in September.

The U20 Communiqué

Centering on the three Ps (people, planet, prosperity), which will be the main topics of the 2021 G20 Summit, the U20 communiqué calls on the G20 nations to partner with cities to address common challenges facing the world such as achieving a just, green and sustainable recovery from COVID-19, taking actions to address the climate emergency, and realizing an inclusive and prosperous society.
(See the full communiqué here(PDF:1,573KB))

(Reference) Overview of Urban 20 (U20)

The U20 is a platform for cities established by the mayors of Buenos Aires and Paris on December 12, 2017. Its main activity is to deliver a message from the perspectives of cities to inform the G20 talks. Tokyo has been a participant since January 24, 2018, and served as the chair in 2019. U20 is an engagement group of the G20.

U20 Participating Cities (34 cities)

(*)cities are Tokyo’s sister and friendship cities (nine cities)
Amsterdam, Barcelona, Beijing(*), Berlin(*), Buenos Aires, Chicago, Durban, Helsinki, Houston, Istanbul, Izmir, Jakarta(*), Johannesburg, Lisbon, London(*), Los Angeles, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, Montreal, Moscow(*), New York City(*), Osaka, Paris(*), Rio de Janeiro, Riyadh, Rome(*), Rotterdam, Sao Paulo, Seoul(*), Strasbourg, Sydney, Tokyo, Tshwane
(cities in alphabetical order)

* This press release is also available in other languages. (日本語中文한국어)


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