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February 14, 2022
Bureau of Citizens and Cultural Affairs

Release of Tokyo 2020 Documentary Videos

Four months have passed since the end of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.
Videos and photos will show how the host city of Tokyo evolved along with the Games.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Official Video Channel

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Official Video Channel (External link)

1. Video of Games Legacy

Tokyo 2020 Memories    Leading to the Future

Ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Games, there were various tangible and intangible initiatives, and countless activities to support hosting safe and secure Games.
This video shows “What the Games Brought to Tokyo”. (approx. 8 min.)

2. Documenting the Changes in Tokyo Before and After the Games

From Tokyo 2020 to the Future    #TOKYO_FILES 2019-2021

This documents the changes in Tokyo and people's lives related to the Tokyo 2020 Games over three years.
Separate videos for 2019, 2020 and 2021 show different perspectives. (approx. 10 min. each)

  • #TOKYO_FILES 2019 The foreign perspective on Tokyo as it prepares to host the Games
  • #TOKYO_FILES 2020 The athlete perspective on the effect of the postponed Games
  • #TOKYO_FILES 2021 The student photographer perspective on Tokyo before and during the Games

Tokyo Album

Tokyo Album

3. Looking Back with Pictures

Special Feature: Memories of the Tokyo 2020 Game

This documents from winning the right to host the Games, to our preparations, holding the Games after the first ever postponement, and afterwards.
This video uses approximately 300 pictures to back on the Games that were held with the cooperation of many people, including athletes and volunteers, in the face of many difficulties such as the fight against COVID-19.

From winning the bid to one year before the Games

COVID-19 and the postponement

Welcoming the Olympic torch

Olympic Games opening ceremony

Paralympic Games opening ceremony

The future Tokyo after the Games

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