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March 7, 2022
Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs

Edo Tokyo Kirari Project
Start of Sales on Chinese E-commerce Website

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is conducting the Edo Tokyo Kirari Project in order to hone the traditional skills and long-established products of Edo Tokyo from new perspectives, and to convey their value and appeal to people both in Japan and abroad as representative brands of Tokyo.
In order to widely communicate the skills and attractiveness of the model businesses in this project and reach out to a wider audience, we launched a cross-border e-commerce website for China in August 2011 and one for Europe in March 2021. The website for China has recently been renewed to enhance its sales functions, and a special page (WeChat mini program) has been opened on WeChat, China's largest social media service, to start sales of traditional crafts and long-established specialty products.

Website depiction

1. Special Page Overview

Name: “Dongjing Guibaoguan KIRARI” (Tokyo Treasure Hall KIRARI)

*The smartphone app WeChat must be downloaded.
*You can access KIRARI by searching for “东京瑰宝馆 KIRARI” on WeChat or by scanning the QR code below.


2. Businesses, and Merchandise for Sale (about 57 items by 8 businesses)

  • Ubukeya (kitchen knives, sewing scissors, etc.)
  • Kimoto Glass Tokyo (glass cups, sake cups, etc.)
  • Kyogen (artworks utilizing family crest designs, etc.)
  • Takahashi Kobo (Edo woodblock prints)
  • Chikusen (traditional Japanese wrapping cloths)
  • Nakamura (artwork)
  • Matsuzaki Doll (“hina” and “gogatsu” dolls for Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day, respectively, etc.)
  • Ryukobo (braided cord bracelets, pouches, etc.)

Examples of product for sale


Kimoto Glass Tokyo


Takahashi Kobo




Matsuzaki Doll


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