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March 25, 2022
Bureau of Olympic and Paralympic Games
Tokyo 2020 Preparation
Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Sea Forest Waterway Reopening Event

Tokyo Sports Promotion Ambassador Yuriito

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) announces the Sea Forest Waterway reopening event, which will partially open as announced on Tuesday 30 November and Wednesday 22 December 2021.

On Friday 29 April (national holiday), a commemorative event will be held to mark the partial reopening of the facility. In addition, on every day during the Golden Week holidays, the facility is planning to hold several events, including exhibitions and a water sports experience program for visitors. We are looking forward to seeing many visitors at the venue. Details are described below.

Additional information about the reopening event and media coverage will be announced soon.

1. Date

Friday 29 April (national holiday), Saturday 30 April, Sunday 1 May, Tuesday 3 May (national holiday) – Thursday 5 May (national holiday) in 2022
*Stage events will be held on 29 April.

2. Location

Sea Forest Waterway (3-6-44 Uminomori, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
[Access] Use the free shuttle bus service from the Kokusai-Tenjijo Station on the Rinkai Line.

*Please contact the facility if you have difficulty using the shuttle bus because of impairments or other reasons.
(Sea Forest Waterway Management Office: Phone: 03-3599-5420)

3. Content (Tentative)

1) Stage Events (Only on 29 April)

Athlete talk sessions, etc.

2) Sports Experience Programs

  • 29 April:
    Rowing, Canoe, and Para-triathlon
  • 30 April:
    Rowing and Canoe
  • 1, 3, 4 and 5 May:
    Rowing, Canoe, and Dragon Boat

*Details about experience programs, etc. will be posted on the Sea Forest Waterway official website.
Applications for event participation will be accepted from Saturday 23 April.
[Sea Forest Waterway Official Website]( External link ) (in Japanese)

3) Exhibitions

The Tokyo 2020 Archives Assets, etc.

4) Food & Beverage

Provided by catering trucks

4. Operational Structure


Sea Forest Waterway Management Joint Venture Group (Facility Operator)


Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Supporting Organisations

Japan Rowing Association, Japan Canoe Federation, Japan Para Canoe Association, Japan Dragon Boat Association, Japan Triathlon Union, Tokyo Amateur Rowing Association, Tokyo Canoe Association, Tokyo Dragon Boat Association, and Tokyo Metropolitan Triathlon Union

5. Other

  1. Although COVID-19 countermeasures will be in place at the facility, please note that the above-mentioned details may change due to changes in conditions.
  2. Visit the official website (shown below) for how to application for use of the facility after its partial reopening.
    [Sea Forest Waterway Official Website – Guide]( External link )

  1. A live music performance (admission fee required) will be held at the Sea Forest Waterway on Friday 29 April (national holiday) and Saturday 30 April. Visit the website( External link ) (in Japanese) shown below for more details.

*Please click here for the original Japanese article.

Inquiries (Assistance in Japanese only)

Venue Development Section 1, Tokyo 2020 Games Venues Division
Bureau of Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Preparation
Phone: 03-5320-7801


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