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April 28, 2022
Bureau of Urban Development

TAMAMONO Supporting Child-raising Project  Part 1!
TAMAMONO Child One Day Pass Launched
for unlimited rides with 100 yen!

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is implementing the TAMAMONO Supporting Child-raising project in cooperation with Tokyo Tama Intercity Monorail Co., Ltd. (under the direction of President Daigo Yuji at the head office in Tachikawa City, Tokyo), aiming to vitalize the Tama area by creating a child-friendly environment to attract more visitors.
As the first step, we will launch the TAMAMONO Child One Day Pass which gives access to the entire Tama Monorail route for 100 yen. This is a special ticket for children looking to the consecutive holidays in May.
In addition, Tama Intercity Monorail will distribute a Tama Monorail Map of Tourist Sights introducing recommended tourist attractions along the Tama Monorail Line for households with children.
Please use the ticket and refer to the map to make best use of this opportunity.

1 TAMAMONO Child One Day Pass

Image of ticket face
The face of the ticket highlights Tamao, with a fresh editorial figure for the “TAMAMONO” information magazine on attractive spots along the Tama Monorail route

(1)Passenger segment & fare

Children under 12 (elementary school children) 100 yen
*Regular fare for one day ticket for children: 450 yen

(2)Number of tickets issued

10,000 tickets  First-come-first-served basis
*Sales are limited to five tickets per child.
*Children living outside Tokyo can also buy and use the tickets.


Saturday April 23 to Sunday May 8, 2022

(4)Sales offices

Ticket windows at Tama Center Station, Takahatafudo Station, Tachikawa-Minami Station, Tachikawa-Kita Station, TamagawaJosui Station
*Cash payments only.
*You cannot buy these tickets through the ticket machine.
*Ticket machines at all these stations sell only ordinary one day tickets for children as usual.

(5)Valid sections

Entire route of Tama Monorail

(6)Effective date

Any day in the period to Tuesday May 31, 2022
*The ticket will be date stamped when passing through the ticket gate. The date printed is the effective date.


No refunds once a purchase has been made

(8)Questionnaire to users

Customers who buy the tickets will be asked to answer a user questionnaire. Tamao stickers will be presented to those who complete the questionnaire.

Image of Tamao sticker
Tamao sticker (image)

(9)TAMAMONO Grutto Premium Guide (Note 1)

You can benefit from special offers at member shops, the same as the ordinary one day ticket.

(Note 1) A unique service from Tama Monorail that offers benefits from the shops/facilities along the route upon presentation of the one day ticket.

(10)Benefits from Tama Zoological Park

Take advantage of a special offer by showing your date-stamped ticket at the Tama Zoological Park on the day you use the ticket. For details, please see the official website of Tama Zoological Park. (日本語/English/中文/한국어)

(11)COVID-19 related matters

This plan is subject to cancellation or change depending on the status of COVID-19.

2 Distribution of Tama Monorail Map of Tourist Sights

Tokyo Tama Intercity Monorail has compiled a free brochure, the Tama Monorail Map of Tourist Sights, to introduce attractive spots for families with children to enjoy.
It also carries names of partner shops that offer special benefits to people presenting their ‘passport’ of the Tokyo Supporting Child-raising Passport Project (Note 2), in addition to the attractive spots.
Please make use of the map when you go out with the TAMAMONO Child One Day Pass.

Image of the front cover
Tamao is printed on the front cover!

Image of the map
Pocket map to be folded in A5 size

(1)Places of distribution

Free brochure racks at Tama Monorail stations
*The map is also posted on the Tama Monorail official website.

Image of QR code
Tama Monorail official website

(2)Number of copies distributed

20,000 copies (Distribution starts on April 23, 2022)

(Note 2) A project promoted by TMG to increase support in the community for families involved in child raising.
The businesses and shops that cooperate with the project offer various services to households with children or expectant mothers.

3 Part 2 and thereafter of the project

We plan to issue TAMAMONO Child One Day Passes during the summer and winter holidays as well.
The design of the ticket will be different from that of Part 1. Details will be announced later.

*This press release can be seen in different languages. (日本語/中文/한국어)

This project is part of the Future Tokyo: Tokyo’s Long-Term Strategy.
Strategy 17: Tama & Islands Area Promotion Strategy
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is promoting child-friendly initiatives.

Inquiries (Japanese only)

About the outline of the project
Transportation Planning Section, Urban Infrastructure Division, Bureau of Urban Development, TMG
Phone: 03-5388-3284

About the details of ticket selling methods, etc.
General Affairs & Public Relations Group, General Affairs Department
Tokyo Tama Intercity Monorail Co., Ltd.
Phone: 042-526-7800
(Reception hours: 9:00 – 17:45 weekdays)