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June 28, 2022
Bureau of Citizens, Culture and Sports
Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Skateboarding Experience Event for Tokyo Residents at Ariake Urban Sports Park
How to Apply to Participate in "Midsummer Adventure!"

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is pleased to announce how to apply to participate in the skateboarding experience event at the Ariake Urban Sports Park (tentative name).


Saturday July 30 - Sunday July 31 2022, 10:00 to 16:50
*In case of rain: Saturday August 6 - Sunday August 7 2022

2.Event Details

1)Experience Program

Number of Participant

180 people (120 for street, 60 for park) planned for each day


Content according to different experience levels: first-timers, beginner-intermediate, and advanced


Only for advanced participants due to the difficulty of the course and will be implemented with classifications.


Skateboarding etiquette and safety seminars will also be held during the experience event.

2)Demonstration and Talk Session

Number of Spectators

500 people planned for each day

Main Guests


Kusaki Hinano, Ranked No. 1 in Japan (Women)
Inomata Soya, Ranked No. 3 in Japan (Men)
Mizote Yuzuki, Ranked No. 3 in Japan (Women)


Akama Rizu, Ranked No. 1 in Japan (Women)
Ikeda Daisuke, Winner of the men's skateboard street pro final of FISE World Series Hiroshima 2018
Matsumoto Kairi, Ranked No. 2 at Japan National Championships 2021


See attachment(PDF:75KB) for details

3.How to Participate

Application will generally be accepted using the following special website.
Please call the Tokyo Resident Experience Event Office directly if you cannot access the website.

Tokyo Resident Experience Event Office


  • Phone: 03-5422-9511

Application Period

Friday June 24 2022 - Monday July 11 2022

  • You will be asked to specify your experience level and desired demonstration when you apply. If you wish to participate in the experience event, please enter your skateboarding history.
  • Elementary school students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • You can also attend a demonstration and talk session if you apply and are selected for an experience event.
  • Participants will be selected by a lottery if there are too many applicants.


  • For safety reasons, including to prevent mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), we ask that participants in experience events wear helmets and other protective gear.
    In addition, please refrain from wearing sandals, and be sure to wear shoes when participating in events.
  • Please come by public transportation, as there is no vehicle or bicycle parking available.
  • Please do not ride skateboards on public roads when coming to or leaving the venue.
  • Please check the Tokyo Resident Experience Event Office special website for more details.


  • The experience event may be suspended depending on weather conditions or current COVID-19 situation.
  • The sufficient infection control measures will be taken at the venue. We ask all participants to cooperate with infection prevention and safety measures.

*Please click here for the original Japanese press release.

Inquiries (Assistance in Japanese only)

Venue Development Section 1 Sports Venue Division, BUREAU OF CITIZENS, CULTURE AND SPORTS
Phone: 03-5388-2872


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