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July 21, 2022
Bureau of Citizens, Culture and Sports

Making the Olympic and Paralympic Parks a Legacy
-Passing on priceless emotions and memories to the next generation-

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is pleased to announce, the naming of the symbolic areas of the Tokyo 2020 Games as "Olympic and Paralympic Parks", and the installation of exhibits such as legacy spectaculars, “Site of the Games” plaques, Olympic and Paralympic Cauldron and Olympic Truce and Paralympic Murals commemorating the Games.

1. Naming of Olympic and Paralympic Parks

The facilities and park that served as competition venues will be considered as a combined area, and the name "Olympic and Paralympic Park" has been given to the two areas that are symbolic of the Tokyo 2020 Games as a legacy.

Ariake Olympic and Paralympic Park (Koto-ku, Tokyo)

Area includes Ariake Seaside Park, Ariake Urban Sports Park, Ariake Arena, and Ariake Gymnastics Centre

Ariake Olympic and Paralympic Park

Musashino Forest Olympic and Paralympic Park (Fuchu City, Chofu City, Mitaka City)

Area includes Musashinonomori Park, Musashino Forest Sport Plaza, and Tokyo Stadium

Musashino Forest Olympic and Paralympic Park

2. Legacy Installations

(1)“Site of the Tokyo 2020 Games” Plaques

Plaques commemorating the Games and their legacy through inspiring stories will be installed at the venues of the Tokyo 2020 Games.

<List of Locations>

Competition Venues 1 Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium 2 Tokyo International Forum 3 Musashino Forest Sport Plaza
4 Tokyo Stadium 5 Musashinonomori Park 6 Ariake Arena
7 Ariake Gymnastics Centre 8 Ariake Urban Sports Park 9 Ariake Tennis Park
10 Odaiba Marine Park 11 Shiokaze Park 12 Aomi Urban Sports Park
13 Oi Hockey Stadium 14 Sea Forest Cross-Country Course 15 Sea Forest Waterway
16 Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre 17 Yumenoshima Park Archery Field 18 Tokyo Aquatics Centre
19 Tatsumi Water Polo Centre        
Non-competition venues 1 Olympic/Paralympic Village (Harumi Port Park) 2 IBC/MPC (Tokyo Big Sight) 3 Training Venues (Tokyo Budo-kan)


Plaque Design

*Other plaques are installed by municipalities on the bicycle road / Paralympic marathon course and other locations related to the Games (torch relay, training venues, pre-Games training camps, etc.).

(2)Spectacular: Symbols and Games Mascots

Of the seven Olympic and Paralympic symbols installed during the Games, three will be reinstalled on the waterfront and Mt. Takao areas, established as symbolic locations in the ward area and Tama region. All 13 giant Games mascots will also remain in the locations where they were installed during the Games.

<List of Locations>

  Location Administrator
Symbols 1 (1) Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings
(TMG No.1 Building: Olympics)
(TMG No.2 Building: Paralympics)
↓ *Moved after park opened
(2) Ariake Olympic and Paralympic Park
2 Tokyo International Cruise Terminal TMG
3 TAKAO599 Museum Hachioji City
Games Mascots 1 TMG No.1 Building TMG
2 Tokyo Sports Square TMG
3 Tokyo Aquatics Centre TMG
4 Ariake Arena TMG
5 Musashino Forest Sport Plaza TMG
6 Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium TMG
7 Japan Olympic Museum JOC
8 Hachioji City Fujimori Park Hachioji City
9 Chofu City Gymnasium Chofu City
10 Ome City Gymnasium Ome City
11 Akigawa Gymnasium Akiruno City
12 Okutama Cultural Center Okutama Town
13 Oshima Town Library Oshima Town


Olympic Symbol

Paralympic Symbol

Games Mascots

(3)Ariake Cauldron (Games Time Cauldron)

During the Tokyo 2020 Games, the Games time cauldron was installed on the Ariake side of the Yume-no-Ohashi Bridge in the Tokyo waterfront area. In October 2022, the cauldron will be reinstalled in Symbol Promenade Park (next to Stone and Light Plaza). The TMG will maintain it as a precious legacy of the Games and utilize it as an element to newly enliven the waterfront area.

Ariake Cauldron during the Games (Games Time Cauldron)

(4)Olympic Truce Mural and Paralympic Mural

During the Tokyo 2020 Games, the Olympic Truce Mural and the Paralympic Mural, were installed in the Olympic and Paralympic Village using wood produced in Tama, west of Tokyo. They will be installed in the Tokyo Metropolitan facilities as a legacy of the Games to convey a message of peace and harmony, the success of athletes, and the charm of Tama lumber.

<List of Locations>

  Location Administrator
Olympic Truce Mural 1 Ariake Exhibition Center (Former Ariake Gymnastics Centre) TMG
2 Tokyo Sports Square TMG
3 Forest of Tokyo Citizen in Hinohara TMG
4 Harumi Special Branch Office (Tentative Name), 3rd floor library Chuo City
5 Japan Olympic Museum JOC
Paralympic Mural 1 Tokyo Metropolitan Parasports Training Center (in Tokyo Stadium) TMG
2 Tokyo Metropolitan Human Rights Plaza TMG
3 Japan Olympic Museum JOC

*An Olympic truce mural is a monument that athletes and others can sign with wishes for peace, and a Paralympic Mural is a monument that athletes and others can sign with their hopes for the promotion of the rights of people with disabilities and the realization of a sustainable and harmonious society. Five Olympic Truce Murals and three Paralympic Murals made of wood from Tama, west of Tokyo were created by the TMG and installed in the Olympic and Paralympic Village during the Games. The inauguration ceremonies were held with the Governor of Tokyo, the Presidents of the IOC and IPC, the President of the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, and others to send a message of peace from the Village to the world and aim for a peaceful future.

Olympic Truce Mural Inauguration Ceremony

Paralympic Mural Inauguration Ceremony

*The status of legacy installations will be announced on these websites as they become available.

For information about the naming of the Olympic and Paralympic Parks and legacy installations, please see the Sports Tokyo Information website(in English)(External link).

Sports Tokyo Information

Please follow our official social media accounts for information about the naming of the Olympic and Paralympic Parks and legacy installations! (in Japanese)

*Please click here for the original Japanese press release.

Inquiries (Assistance in Japanese only)

(For the naming of Olympic and Paralympic Parks)
Venue Opening Preparations Sports Venue Division BUREAU OF CITIZENS, CULTURE AND SPORTS
Phone: 03-5388-2248

(For the legacy installations)
Sports Legacy Utilization Section Comprehensive Sports Promotion Division BUREAU OF CITIZENS, CULTURE AND SPORTS
Phone: 03-5388-2876

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