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September 9th 2022
Tokyo Metropolitan Government 
Global Event 2023 Executive Committee

Announcing the 1st City-Tech.Tokyo!
An event to realize a sustainable society with startups through open innovation
Call for Pitch Contest Entrants and Booth Exhibitors!

The Global Event 2023 Executive Committee will hold the first City-Tech.Tokyo, an event that aims to realize a sustainable society with startups through open innovation, in February of next year.
With the goal of hosting 10,000 people from 100 cities in 30 countries and regions and having 300 startup booths, the idea is to create a venue for concrete collaboration and expanded investment in in-frastructure, the environment, and other areas that will lead to a fresh vision for cities by utilizing a va-riety of ideas and technologies. The event will also include a pitch contest with a top prize of 10 million yen to determine the City-Tech No.1 startup, and will host business meetings between the decision makers of Japanese companies and high-level startups from Japan and abroad.
We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for Pitch Contest entrants and booth exhibitors, and will launch a website and begin accepting applications to receive the latest infor-mation via e-newsletter as follows.


(1) Event Overview




Monday, February 27 - Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Main Venue

Tokyo International Forum (5-1 Marunouchi 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
(*Hybrid event: in-person and online)


Global Event 2023 Executive Committee

Event Vision

City-Tech for a sustainable future -Creating with startups through open innovation: from Tokyo to the world-

* City-Tech: An approach to overcome challenges faced by cities around the world with diverse ideas and technologies, leading to a sustainable new vision for cities.

(2) Call for Startups to participate in the City-Tech Challenge Pitch Contest


“Leading to a sustainable new vision for cities” in City-Tech related fields (see (4) below)




10 million yen for the winning company; other prizes to be determined

Application period

From Friday, September 9, 2022 to Monday, October 31, 2022

For details and application, refer to the following website(External link).

(3) Call for Startups as Booth Exhibitors


“Leading to a sustainable new vision for cities” in City-Tech related fields (see (4) below)



Application period

Friday, September 9, 2022 to Monday, October 31, 2022

For details and application, refer to the following website(External link).

(4) Main Themes and relevant fields

To realize a more prosperous and sustainable “cities of the future,” the focus is on the following four themes:

1) Infrastructure × City-Tech

  • Leverage cutting-edge technology to create safe, secure, resilient city infrastructure
  • Ensure accurate and safe transportation methods and improve the convenience of short-distance transport within the city through new forms of mobility

Major relevant sectors: Infrastructure (hard and soft) / Mobility
Keywords: Hazard assessment / Infrastructure maintenance / Micromobility, etc.

2) Environment × City-Tech

  • Create a decarbonized and circular society by rebuilding the systems for energy production and consumption
  • Ensure a stable food supply through developing next-generation food products, reducing food loss, etc.

Major relevant sectors: Environment, Energy / Food tech
Keywords: Clean tech / Ethical consumption / Alternative proteins, etc.

3) Living × City-Tech

  • Improve supports so that everyone, from children to the elderly, may live a rich and vibrant life
  • Leverage cutting-edge technologies in areas such as the financial sector to bring enhanced conven-ience to people’s everyday lives

Major relevant sectors: Medical, Healthcare / Fintech
Keywords: Age tech / Infectious disease control / Regional digital currency, etc.

4) Culture × City-Tech

  • Combine the traditional culture originally present in the city with cutting-edge technologies to create new entertainment possibilities and help people rediscover the city’s charms

Major relevant sectors: Culture, Entertainment
Keywords: Metaverse / Digital art, NFTs / Sports, etc.

(5) Program

Keynote Speech

World-renowned figures will speak about what the future society and economy created through innovations by startups and similar players will look like, including the role that should be played by cities and the model that they should aspire to.


Approximately twenty talk sessions will be held in which startups, major companies, government organizations, members of the press, etc., talk about the forefront of the City-Tech theme while concentrating on the topics and sectors that City-Tech.Tokyo is focusing on.

Pitch Contest

Global pitch contest “City-Tech Challenge” will be held to decide the top City-Tech pitch, with startups from Japan and overseas who have made the creation of a sustainable society their goal taking the podium.

Exhibition Booth

The exhibition will have 300 startup booths, composed of “City Booths” displayed by startups that have been backed by cities in both Japan and overseas in addition to “Sector Booths”, providing a place for cities, startups, major companies, and other participants to become acquaint-ed with each other. This will create possibilities for business and open innovation with significant societal and economic impact.

Business Meeting

Business meetings will be held with participation by high-level players from Japanese companies and Japanese and international startups, and matching opportunities will be provided in order to encourage open innovation.

Other Authorized Events

In addition to the two-day main event, we will hold side events, including a reception on the evening before the main event and partner events during the week before and after the main event.

(6) Message from the Governor of Tokyo

In February 2023, we will hold a large-scale global event on the theme of “City-Tech”, which aims to create a sustainable society through open innovation with startups.
Diverse players such as cities, companies, universities, startups, VCs/investors, and members of the press from all over the world will gather in Tokyo, which aims to be the “top city in the world for startups”.
Cities around the world are all facing common problems such as the climate crisis, natural disasters, infectious diseases, and aging infrastructure. Open innovation between startups, with their original ide-as and technologies, and entities such as businesses and cities will be the key for opening a path to the future.
This event will provide a valuable opportunity for sharing advanced case studies, promoting specific collaborative efforts between participants, and finding startups to invest in.

City-Tech for a sustainable future - Creating with startups through open innovation: from Tokyo to the world-

Let’s create a sustainable society through open innovation with startups.

Yuriko Koike

(7) Website and social media

Information on speakers and program content will be updated as necessary. We will also send out e-newsletters to those who have registered their e-mail addresses in advance to keep you updated on the latest information, including ticket discount codes, so if you are interested in the event, we encour-age you to register. 

Website(External link)
E-newsletter registration(External link)
Facebook(External link)
Twitter(External link)
LinkedIn(External link)

Request for cooperation and sponsorship toward event implementation

To ensure the success of this event, we would like to build a broad public-private partnership with re-lated organizations and companies involved in supporting startups, as well as relevant events. If you are interested in sharing your ideas and working with us, please contact the Global Event 2023 Executive Committee Secretariat.

This project promotes the “Future Tokyo: Tokyo’s Long-Term Strategy.”
Strategy 11: Startup City Tokyo Strategy “Innovation Ecosystem Formation Project”

*Please click here for the original Japanese press release.


(For inquiries regarding the event)
Global Event 2023 Executive Committee Secretariat
Phone: 03-6213-1251
E-mail: tokyo-globalevent(at)
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