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October 24, 2022
Bureau of Environment

Innovative Technology & Business Promotion Projects
Support for the Implementation of a Service for Beverage Take-out Container Sharing

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is promoting together with businesses projects for experimenting with business models for plastic reuse to reduce the use of single-use plastics aiming for the sustainable use of plastic, and projects for implementing advanced recycling technologies including closed-loop recycling,
We are pleased to announce that TMG will start to support the implementation of the following project.

1.Support of project implementation

(1)A service for the sharing of beverage take-out containers: Re&Go

Proposers of the project

Nissha Co., Ltd., NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.

Content of the project

A service that supports the sharing of reusable containers for beverage take-outs at restaurants, etc.

Future development

Operationalize the service focusing on four fields (restaurants, convenience stores, commercial complexes, offices/universities) in 2023.

Target for 2025

Expand the service to the whole area of Tokyo.

*For details, please see the attachment. (in Japanese(PDF:1,136KB) and English(PDF:1,010KB))


Mr. Yoshimura, Alliance Group, Corporate Marketing Department, Business Development Office, Nissha Co., Ltd.
Phone: 075-556-0548

Image of the project


This project is one of the three projects selected for implementation from the FY 2021 Innovative Technology and Business Promotion Projects.

*Please click here for the original Japanese press release.

This project is part of the Future Tokyo: Tokyo’s Long-Term Strategy.
Strategy 14: Zero-emission Tokyo Strategy “Sustainable Circular Use Promotion Project”


Planning Section, Sustainable Materials Management Division, Bureau of Environment
Phone: 03-5388-3593