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March 30,2023
Office of the Governor for Policy Planning

Tokyo Metropolitan Government to Publish the ‘Asset Managers & Fintech Companies Registration Guidebook 3rd Edition,’ a Revised Practical Guide for Financial License Registration

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), in cooperation with the private sector and the national government, is working to make the Global Financial City: Tokyo Vision a reality by continuing to make the business environment more attractive to foreign financial firms.
As part of the effort, in cooperation with the Financial Services Agency (FSA), TMG created an English guidebook in September of 2017, and in April of 2021, it had published the first revision. The guidebook was created for foreign asset managers and Fintech companies, who intend to enter the Japanese market, to give a clear explanation on the laws and regulations related to the Japanese finance industry and the registration procedures as a financial instruments business operator.
Today, TMG is pleased to announce the release of the third edition of our English guidebook, “Asset Managers & FinTech Companies Registration Guidebook 3rd Edition.” This edition was created in light of changes in financial laws in Japan with an additional cooperating agency, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

1. Contents include

  1. The Appeal of Tokyo and Japan’s Financial Market
  2. Initiatives by the FSA, TMG, and Other Organizations to Attract Foreign Financial Firms
  3. Registration and Market Entry for Asset Managers
  4. Registration and Market Entry for FinTech Companies
  5. Procedures Leading Up to Starting Operations

2. Major Revisions

  • Newly listed financial license types, such as financial service intermediary business
  • Enhanced explanation on financial licenses and their application requirements
  • Update in the initiatives by TMG and other organizations to attract foreign financial companies to Japan

For the full text of the “Asset Managers & FinTech Companies Registration Guidebook 3rd Edition,” please see the website.

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