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May 18, 2023
Office for Startup and Global
 Financial City Strategy

“Green Finance Subsidy Program for Tokyo Market Entry”:Applications Now Open!

In order to realize a decarbonized society and promote sustainable recovery, and to further spread green finance and promote market expansion, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (hereinafter, “TMG”) implements the "Green Finance Support for Foreign Companies in the Green Finance Business," which provides focused and intensive support for overseas asset management companies and FinTech companies engaging in green finance to enter Tokyo.
TMG is pleased to announce that the application period for this subsidy program is now open.

1. Program Overview


Asset Management companies and FinTech Companies engaged in green finance that will start operations in Tokyo during FY2023. (for details of this subsidy program please see the FY2023 Application Guidelines available on the TMG homepage)

How to Apply

By completing and submitting the required application forms in the manner prescribed in the “Application Guidelines” available in TMG homepage
(Application Deadline: Friday, July 14, 2023, 23:59 Japan Standard Time)

2. Schedule (Japan Standard Time) 

  • Friday, July 14
    Application Period Close
  • September
    Selection of companies to be supported (approx.7 companies will be selected after examination by experts)

3. Details of Support

Subsidy amount

From the fiscal year in which the Company becomes a Selected Company, TMG will provide subsidies for up to four years within the scope of the budget.

1st fiscal year

A maximum of 50 million yen, up to ten tenth of subsidy eligible expenses

2nd fiscal year

A maximum of 34 million yen, up to two third of subsidy eligible expenses

3rd fiscal year

A maximum of 25 million yen, up to one half of subsidy eligible expenses

4th fiscal year

A maximum of 16 million yen, up to one third of subsidy eligible expenses

Support Program

Selected companies will be provided various forms of support including public relations, business establishment advice, business matching, etc. in the current and subsequent fiscal year in which they are selected for the program.

Reference: Other Key Initiatives for Attracting Overseas Startups

TMG is promoting efforts to attract foreign investment managers and fintech companies engaged in green finance, as well as foreign companies with advanced technologies in the GX field.

(1)Subsidy for Attracting GX-related Foreign Companies to the Tokyo Market

TMG will begin focused and intensive support for foreign companies with advanced technologies in the GX (Green Transformation) - related fields to enter the Asian Headquarters Special Zone.
See the TMG homepage for more information. 

(2)Expense Subsidies for Establishing a Base of Operations within Tokyo

A program launched in 2023 for supporting Industry 4.0 technology (IoT, Big Data, AI, etc.) companies by subsidizing a portion of expenses related to establishing a base within the Asia Headquarters Special Zone (personnel expense, etc.). Companies which have submitted an investment plan in relation to other subsidy programs provided by TMG are ineligible for this program. (Program details in the TMG homepage)

This project is to promote the "Future Tokyo," Tokyo’s Long-Term Strategy.
Strategy 11 : Startup City Tokyo Strategy
Strategy 12 : Strategy for Earning Potential in Tokyo and Innovation
Strategy 14 : Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy


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