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May 26 2023
Bureau of Citizens, Culture and Sports

New Course of “Rainbow Bridge Ride” in the Tokyo waterfront area unveiled!
Ride across the Rainbow and Tokyo Gate Bridges on a bicycle
Name of Tama Road Race to be “THE ROAD RACE TOKYO”
TAKEI So and INAMURA Ami chosen as ambassadors!

1.Overview of Rainbow Bridge Ride(Tokyo Waterfront Area)

(1) Date:

Thursday, November 23, 2023 (national holiday)

(2) Courses, etc.:

  • This year, in addition to the Rainbow Bridge, the Tokyo Gate Bridge will be newly added to the course. It offers the special experience of riding over two major landmark bridges of Tokyo.
  • Three courses will be available for enthusiasts and families alike: long (approx. 32 km), middle (approx. 19 km), and short (approx. 8 km)(※ Only the long course will go across the Tokyo Gate Bridge).
  • Approximately 5,000 participants are expected for all courses in total, and we will begin accepting applications on the special website from around July.

2.Name of Tama Road Race to Be “THE ROAD RACE TOKYO”!

The name of the bicycle road race to be held in the Tama region has been decided as “THE ROAD RACE TOKYO.” The name indicates that the full-fledged road race will be held in Tokyo, and will be disseminated both in Japan and internationally to raise awareness of the event and for branding. Please come and see the powerful, fast-paced cycling of the top athletes up close.

Name Design

Overview of THE ROAD RACE TOKYO 2023(Tama Region)

(1) Date:

Sunday, December 3, 2023

(2) Features

  • One-way race in an urban area(separate start and finish), a rarity in Japan
  • Mainly using the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 course, the 1964 Olympic Games course will also be utilized
  • There will also be para-cycling on public roads, which is rarely held in Japan

(3) Elite Men’s and Women’s Course Map

(4) Other

On Saturday, December 2, Ajinomoto Stadium will hold a circuit-type race in which beginners of sports cycling and others can participate on a special course around the outer circumference of the stadium.

3.TAKEI So and INAMURA Ami Chosen as GCT Ambassadors!

In order to effectively promote GRAND CYCLE TOKYO and convey the appeal of bicycles to a wide range of people, TAKEI So and INAMURA Ami have been appointed as ambassadors. In the future, we plan to have the ambassadors cooperate by participating in events, disseminating information via social media, etc.

(Courtesy of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)


A well-known sports personality with 1.56 million Twitter followers.
Ranked 1st in list of “celebrities likely to be fast at cycling”(Survey by "Hikkoshi Zamurai", web site for comparison and reservation of move, operated by Ateam Inc.).


I am TAKEI So, the King of Beasts, and an ambassador for GRAND CYCLE TOKYO. Bicycles are the best means of transportation to enjoy the earth. Feel the wind as you pedal and enjoy Tokyo and the earth with all of your might!


Her dynamic batting has been talked about as a “god swing.”
She has an outstanding name recognition among sports cycling fans.


This is INAMURA Ami and I have been appointed as a GRAND CYCLE TOKYO ambassador. I hope to convey the appeal of bicycles that anyone can enjoy to many people through the races and events. I will do my best to support GRAND CYCLE TOKYO while feeling the wind of Tokyo!



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