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July 20 2023
Bureau of Citizens, Culture and Sports

Recruiting Participants for “RAINBOW BRIDGE RIDE”
Ride across the Rainbow and Tokyo Gate bridges on a bicycle!
Also recruiting participants for Tama region “Challenge Race in Ajinomoto Stadium”!

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is promoting different events as “GRAND CYCLE TOKYO” in order to familiarize the public with bicycles that are friendly to the environment and good for health.

We are now accepting applications for “RAINBOW BRIDGE RIDE,” a ride event for cycling across the Rainbow and Tokyo Gate bridges to be held on Thursday, November 23 (national holiday), and “Challenge Race in Ajinomoto Stadium,” a race experience program for general cyclists to be held on Saturday, December 2, the day before “THE ROAD RACE TOKYO,” a full-fledged bicycle road race in the Tama region.

1.Application Overview for RAINBOW BRIDGE RIDE (Tokyo Waterfront Area)


Thursday, November 23, 2023 (national holiday)


(3)Number of Participants and Participation Fee

(4)How to Apply


  • This ride event is for enjoyment, not a competition for good rankings or times.
  • Each course has several long uphill slopes, such as an average slope of 5% that lasts about 1.5 km.
  • Participants can use bicycles equipped with multiple gears or an electric power-assist system. (Tandem bicycles are also allowed)
  • Traffic regulations will be enforced in the vicinity of courses on the day of the event (details to be announced in the future). We ask for your cooperation.

2.Application Overview for “Challenge Race in Ajinomoto Stadium” (Tama Region)

On the day before “THE ROAD RACE TOKYO” is held in the Tama region on Sunday, December 3, we will hold various race experience programs that general cyclists can participate in, from beginners to enthusiasts of sports cycling.


Saturday, December 2, 2023


Ajinomoto Stadium Outer Circuit Course (Start/Goal: Ajipen Hiroba)

(3)Course Map (1 lap: approx. 1.15 km)


1.Cycle School

Classes are divided by level, such as those who have no racing experience, and the coach will give a lecture on the correct way to ride a sports bicycle, riding techniques, etc., and at the end, a simulated race experience will be held.

2.Guided Short Race

Guide riders lead at a constant speed and participants will ride the course as a group. This is a race-style program in which participants compete only on the final lap while ensuring safety.

3.Exhibition Race (Spectator Event/ Free)

This is an exhibition race by the athletes who will participate in the road race on the following day. You can experience the powerful riding of top athletes right in front of you.

4.Cycle Marathon

This is a race in which teams of 2 to 5 people take turns and compete for the number of laps completed in 80 minutes.
* Please see the website for details about each program.( External link )

(5)Number of Applicants and Participation Fee

  Program Application No. of Participants Participation Fee
1 Cycle School As individual 200 people 3,500 JPY
2 Guided Short Race 210 people 3,000 JPY
3 Cycle Marathon As team 140 teams
(70 teams x 2 races)
(*2 to 5 people per team)
2-person team: 9,000 JPY
3-person team: 12,000 JPY
4-person team: 14,000 JPY
5-person team: 15,000 JPY

(6)How to Apply

Please apply through the website. For safety reasons, applicants for each program must be junior high school students or older. A lottery will be held if there are too many applicants.

Application Period

From Tuesday, August 1 to Sunday, September 10

3.Change to Starting Point for Para-cycling Race

For “THE ROAD RACE TOKYO” para-cycling race, the starting point has been changed as follows in order to accommodate more spectators and improve safety.

(1)Para-cycling Race Overview

  • Date:
    Sunday, December 3, 2023
  • Category:
    Tandem time trial (Men/Women)
  • Course:
    Musashinonomori Park / Ajinomoto Stadium Outer Circuit Course

(2)Details of Changes

  After Change (Before Change)
Starting Point Ajinomoto Stadium premises
Ajipen Hiroba
(Stadium-dori Avenue along Musashinonomori Park)
Distance Men: 23.7 km
Women: 17.6 km
(Men: 24.4 km)
(Women: 18.3 km)

* The finishing point will remain the same: Stadium-dori Avenue along Musashinonomori Park.

Para-cycling: Changed course map

4.Other Scheduled Events

In conjunction with the “RAINBOW BRIDGE RIDE” event on Thursday, November 23 (national holiday), a sports experience event called “MULTISPORTS” will be held at the finishing point of the Ride event and at telecom Center.
In addition, along with “Challenge Race in Ajinomoto Stadium” and “THE ROAD RACE TOKYO,” we will hold events to promote the local area and cycle events on Saturday, December 2 and Sunday, December 3 at Ajinomoto Stadium. More information will be provided separately.

GRAND CYCLE TOKYO official website:
English( External link )


Japanese( External link )


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