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September 28, 2023
Office for Startup and Global Financial City Strategy

Tokyo Financial Award 2023:16 Applicants Selected for Support Program of Financial Innovation Category

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government created the Tokyo Financial Award in FY2018 and has presented it to FinTech companies to honor them for developing innovative financial products and services that contribute to solving challenges facing Tokyo citizens and others (Financial Innovation Category), as well as businesses engaged in outstanding initiatives in ESG investment (ESG Investment Category).

For this fiscal year’s Financial Innovation Category, the TMG has accepted applications from a record 117 companies from Japan and 26 other countries and regions. It is proud to announce that, of them, 16 companies have passed the first round of screening to participate in the support program. They are listed below.

1.Outline of Support Program Participants (in alphabetical order)

Company Name Country Services details (to succeed in)
BlackSwan Technologies
Israel Provides a platform that helps financial institutions build applications that leverage various AI solutions. Supports information gathering and analytics to prevent money laundering and other financial crimes.
Carbon Credit Market LLC US Provides a market for purchasing and selling carbon credits and renewable energy which can be tokenized in the blockchain.
Credit Engine, Inc. Japan Provides a platform that digitalizes the loan application processes for financing from loan guarantee corporations.
cycaltrust inc. Japan Provides an authenticity-guaranteed platform that utilizes Web 3.0. Helps reinforce the semiconductor supply chain and authenticity certification of core infrastructure.
Desiderata Impact Ventures Private Limited India Integrates lending, commerce, and software into a B2B platform, enabling brands and their distributors to access financing solutions for their last-mile retailers, automate business processes and facilitate commerce.
Earthtide Labs OÜ Estonia Provides a forward carbon credit trading platform with mangroves, cookstoves, and other projects.
Fresh Supply Co Pty Ltd Australia Tokenizes information related to agriculture products and supply chain. Expedites financing processes by providing financial institutions with information necessary for agribusinesses to secure a loan.
iChain, Inc. Japan Provides a platform which enables submitting applications to affiliated insurances on ecommerce websites.
Impact Circle, Inc. Japan Provides a platform that enables impact investing. Leverages data to analyze and visualize the social impacts of investments and provides findings to investors.
Inovat Ltd. UK Provides overseas travelers with an all-in-one digitalized process for VAT refunds.
LIFE FAB Co., Ltd. Japan Provides pension dashboards that presents users with a visualization of the funds necessary to live comfortably until 100 years of age. Also provides financially educational content that supports users with asset building.
MEBAIS Inc. Japan Provides medical institutions with an AI-enabled medical claims* checking/analyzing system.
*Medical statements used by medical institutions to make claims for medical fees to insurance providers.
Nomura Research &
Advisory Co., Ltd.
Japan Forms a “search fund” to be used for business succession in collaboration with Japan Search Fund Accelerator. Matches small to medium sized enterprises with its manager candidates, and supports seamless business succession and the post-succession growth of the company.
Poko Inc Singapore Provides various payment methods that are based on fiat currencies for purchases of Web 3.0 NFT in-game items.
Protosure, Inc. US Provides insurance companies with a system which enables no-code designing of insurance products.
Toggle GK Japan Provides AI chatbot solutions to asset management advisors that enables the analysis of client portfolios.


2.Implementation of the Support Program

For the 16 selected companies, the TMG will hereafter provide a support program, including mentorship programs, business matching opportunities and support for overseas promotion. They will be ranked through the final round of selection, with awards granted to the top three companies. The details regarding the award ceremony will be announced at a later date after they are finalized. 

Any use of services and other offerings provided by the participant companies of the support program is at your own discretion.
Please see the Tokyo Financial Award website for details.

This project is to promote the "Future Tokyo," Tokyo’s Long-Term Strategy.
Strategy 12: Strategy for Earning Potential in Tokyo and Innovation

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