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Updated on October 9, 2015

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About the “& TOKYO” logo and slogan (separate sheet 1)

1. The message contained within the “& TOKYO” logo/slogan

“& TOKYO” was created to embody the brand concept “A city that promises all kinds of fun by constantly generating new styles while bringing tradition and innovation together,” outlined in the Tokyo Branding Strategy formulated this March. It seeks to convey the message globally that Tokyo is a city where diverse people, things, and events come together generating new kinds of enjoyment.
By placing various words or corporate logos before the “&” to form different combinations, the logo can be used widely by Tokyo residents, businesses, and foreign tourists as a tool to convey the attractions and values of Tokyo to the world.
In the future, we hope that more Tokyo residents and businesses will participate in the campaign. By uniting all of Tokyo to widely convey the city’s diverse values, as well as the excitement, new discoveries, and experiences that can only be found here, the strategy aims to grow Tokyo’s fan base around the globe.

2. “& TOKYO” and the five core values

The “&TOKYO” campaign uses five colors to embody the five core values stipulated in the Tokyo Branding Strategy. Traditional Japanese colors have been adopted to express Tokyo’s long history of merging tradition and innovation and its diversity.

3. Development of the campaign

The “& Tokyo” logo can be used by anyone, including Tokyo residents, businesses, and international visitors, to convey ideas by placing words or logos associated with Tokyo’s appeal and values, their love for the city, or activities they are involved in before the “&.” We hope that the repeated use of this logo over time will become a part of Tokyo’s appeal and a symbol of the city.
The following are examples of how the “& TOKYO” logo will be used.

Name of individual + “& TOKYO”

As an individual expression to convey the attractions of Tokyo to friends and family abroad

Food + “& TOKYO”

As a method to introduce foreign tourists to culinary experiences that can only be found in Tokyo

Hospitality + “& TOKYO”

As an icon representing the warm Japanese hospitality or omotenashi to be found by foreign visitors in Tokyo

Product name + “& TOKYO”

To create an icon to inspire more people around the world to become fans of Tokyo

Service + “& TOKYO”

As an icon to show the convenient services available in Tokyo the tourist destination

Public transportation + “& TOKYO”

As an icon to showcase Tokyo’s safe and reliable infrastructure

Local community + “& TOKYO”

As an icon featuring another region of Japan joining Tokyo to promote the attractions of the entire country

Shopping + “& TOKYO”

As an icon to promote the shopping experience only available in Tokyo to foreign tourists

Shopping streets + “& TOKYO”

As a symbol that foreign visitors will be warmly welcomed by a shopping area

4. Invitation to the public to submit ways to use “& Tokyo”

As part of the promotional campaign, the TMG plans to invite the public, Tokyo residents and others, to submit examples of ways to use the “& Tokyo” logo starting on Friday, October 16. We look forward to receiving many submissions. Details, instructions, and an application form are provided on the “& Tokyo” official website External link ).
Those who wish to use the “& TOKYO” logo for business purposes will need to apply for permission to use the logo. The application procedures and guidelines for use of the logo are available on the “& Tokyo” official website External link ) (Japanese language only).
Through events and other opportunities, we will now utilize the “& TOKYO” logo and promote the attractions of Tokyo to the world.