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October 26, 2020
Office for Strategic Policy and ICT Promotion

Implementation of Demonstration Experiments with Start-ups at Facilities Operated by TMG
(King Salmon Project (Advanced business operator spread model generation project))

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government started the King Salmon Project (an advanced business operator spread model generation project) last fiscal year for start-ups in Tokyo. The project aims to establish a generation cycle for young start-ups that may have global success while also solving social challenges with advanced businesses (innovations) for the growth of Tokyo.
We will begin demonstration experiments with start-ups at facilities operated by TMG as explained in the Attachment(PDF:134KB).

About the King Salmon Project

The name of the project reflects the intention to establish a cycle of starting a business similar to the way salmon create new generations. The cycle of a starting a business is similar to the ecosystem of salmon, in that there is a process of “start → expand → exit (collection of profit through stock offering, etc.) → start of next business (or support).”

Logo for the King Salmon Project


1 Outline of project

Use excellent products or services invented by start-ups at facilities operated by TMG to solve social challenges, and spread and expand the relevant products through demonstration experiments. Based on the results of the experiments, we intend to provide support for start-ups to expand sales channels overseas and promote public procurement, and also transfer the cases (successful models) for start-ups to follow.

2 Facilities where demonstration experiments are implemented, implementation periods, etc.

Please see the Attachment: TMG facilities with demonstration experiments, implementation periods, etc.(PDF:134KB)

3 Other

The content and conditions of demonstration experiments will be released as appropriate on the Special website (Japanese)(External link).

● This press release is also available in other languages. (日本語English中文한국어)

Inquiries (Japanese only)
(About the project)
Strategic Projects Division, Office for Strategic Policy and ICT Promotion
Special Zone Strategic Projects Promotion Section
Phone: 03-5388-2057
(About the experiments)
Trustee: Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC
Public Center
Tanaka (Phone: 080-9880-0374)
Hirakawa (Phone: 070-4547-6778)

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