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Future Tokyo: Tokyo's Long-Term Strategy

In March 2021, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government released Future Tokyo: Tokyo's Long-Term Strategy as a new strategy that charts the course for the metropolitan government to take in order to open a bright future for Tokyo.


Overcoming the crises

The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting humankind with an enormous crisis that must be overcome.


Source: NIAID


Record-high temperatures, torrential rain, and other impacts of climate change are also being felt in our everyday lives. Issues concerning the global environment are now at a historical turning point; we are indeed confronting a climate crisis.


A digital globe shows our planet's changes


Source: Earth Literacy Program
*Digital globe: The world's first interactive globe using digital technology to visualize our planet's real weather information, as well as its past, present and future in terms of the movement of organisms and the global warming situation.


We must overcome these two huge crises, open up a bright future, and leave a rich planet to our following generations.

Stance for strategy implementation

While looking at the various changes in society and people's values brought on by COVID-19, policies will be implemented by positioning the strong promotion of structural reform that cuts deep down to the source of issues and the realization of sustainable recovery at the center of strategies.

Future Tokyo raises four basic strategies

1. View the future from a backcasting approach

2. Promote policies in collaboration with various entities

3. Realize Smart Tokyo through digital transformation (DX)

4. Have the agility to flexibly respond to changes

Visions, strategies and projects for the realization of Future Tokyo

To realize Future Tokyo, after presenting our vision of Tokyo in the 2040s, through strategies for the 2030s and projects for the implementation of those strategies, we will create a sustainable Tokyo that strikes a balance between maturity and ongoing growth.

Vision for the 2040s



Presenting the Future Tokyo we aim to achieve by the 2040s, some 25 years ahead
01. A city that is full of children's smiles and people wanting to have and raise children, and is supported by family bonds and society
02. A city where a new educational model gives hope to all children and young people and enables them to develop independently
03. A city where women can choose the lifestyles they want, be themselves, and shine
04. A city where senior citizens can stay active and live comfortably in the age of the 100-year life
05. A city where everyone can work and take on active roles each in their own way
06. A city rich in diversity where people of all backgrounds live together
07. A city full of places and communities where people of diverse backgrounds can gather and support each other
08. A resilient and beautiful city that protects Tokyo citizens from disasters
09. A city that can handle crime, accidents, and fires, and is prepared for health care challenges, protecting citizens' peace of mind
10. A city where advanced urban functions and nature coexist in harmony, and people gather and relax
11. A convenient and comfortable city with the best transportation network
12. A city that harnesses the power of digital technology to draw out its potential to realize Smart Tokyo (Tokyo's Society 5.0), providing citizens with a high quality of life
13. The most open city in the world where people, goods, money, and information gather from across the globe
14. The most startup-friendly city in the world where new industries constantly emerge
15. A city that boasts the highest productivity in the world and drives the global economy
16. A city that further increases water and greenery to provide a relaxed and enriched way of life
17. Zero Emission Tokyo
18. A city that captivates the world with its culture and entertainment
19. A “sports field” city where sports are ingrained in everyday life
20. A city that has further strengthened collaboration with other areas of Japan to realize true coexistence and co-prosperity for Tokyo and the rest of Japan


Strategies to engage in for the 2030s



Presenting the strategies we must engage in over the years to 2030 in order to realize the vision.
Strategy 0. Strategy for Overcoming COVID-19
Strategy 1. Strategy for Putting Smiles on the Faces of Children
Strategy 2. Strategy to Support Children's Development and Growth
Strategy 3. Strategy for Promoting Women's Empowerment
Strategy 4. Strategy for Realization of a Chōju (Longevity) Society
Strategy 5. Strategy for Realizing Work Styles that Allow Everyone to Shine
Strategy 6. Diversity and Inclusive Society Strategy
Strategy 7. Strategy for Valuing “Dwellings” and “Community”
Strategy 8. Strategy for Developing a Safe and Secure City
Strategy 9. Strategy for Enhancement of Urban Functions
Strategy 10. Smart Tokyo: TOKYO Data Highway Strategy
Strategy 11. Startup City Tokyo Strategy
Strategy 12. Strategy for Earning Potential in Tokyo and Innovation
Strategy 13. Strategy for Making Tokyo a City Filled with Water and Greenery
Strategy 14. Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy
Strategy 15. Culture and Entertainment City Strategy
Strategy 16. Sports Field Tokyo Strategy
Strategy 17. Strategy for Promoting the Tama Area and the Islands
Strategy 18. All-Japan Partnership Strategy
Strategy 19. Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Strategy
Strategy 20. Strategy for Structural Reform of the Tokyo Government


Key project leading the creation of Future Tokyo

The Tokyo Bay eSG Project

Setting the Bay Area, which has high potential, as our stage for implementation of the structural reform of society, we aim for sustainable urban development that integrates nature and convenience, with an eye to 50 and 100 years into the future.


Projects for realization of Zero Emission Tokyo and a Hydrogen Society

Based on the Climate Emergency Declaration: TIME TO ACT, concrete initiatives will be advanced using all means possible to realize Zero Emission Tokyo by 2050.

Project to realize “Global Financial City: Tokyo”

In order to win in the increasingly heated competition between cities, we will implement strategic initiatives that fully use the strengths of Tokyo and establish Tokyo's presence as Global Financial City: Tokyo, the financial hub of Asia and the world.



▼ Take a look here at Tokyo Sustainability Action, which compiles an outline and our thoughts on the initiatives to achieve the SDGs based on Future Tokyo.