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Policy Speech by the Governor of Tokyo, Yoichi Masuzoe, at the First Regular Session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, 2014

1. Introduction

  • A society that properly rewards toil and effort
  • Combining forces with the central government
  • As the leader among local governments

2. Making Tokyo the best city in the world

  • The world’s safest city
  • The world’s best city in terms of welfare
  • The world’s best ever Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • As the engine driving the Japanese economy
  • Formulation of a new vision

3. Development of the Tama area and Tokyo islands

  • Development of the Tama area
  • Post-typhoon recovery on Oshima Island and development of the Tokyo islands

4. Fiscal 2014 budget

5. Closing remarks

  • Communicating closely with the Assembly
  • Energizing Tokyo and bringing vitality to the entire country

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