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Date 29 July 2022

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A Perfect Day in Tokyo 7/2022

An urban oasis for respite from the heat
Todoroki Keikoku Park (Setagaya-ku)

The Golf Bridge, named after a golf course
that was located in this area in the early Showa era (1926-1989)

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In an urban area not far from Jiyugaoka, there is a ravine—the only one in the 23 wards of Tokyo. It is located within about a 3-minute walk from the south exit of Todoroki Station on the Tokyu Oimachi Line. From the street in front of the station, follow signs and turn into a back road. With a complete change in scenery, you come upon the rich greenery of the Todoroki Keikoku (Ravine) Park.
Todoroki Keikoku was designated a place of scenic beauty in Tokyo in 1999. In the park, a walking path follows the Yazawa River, a tributary of the Tama River, which passes through the ravine, capturing its topography.
Near the characteristic, red Golf Bridge, which crosses the park, descend a flight of stairs to enter the park and proceed down a path along the stream. A combination of factors, such as the topography, thick greenery, and the babbling stream, keeps the ravine area cooler than its surroundings, which is why the local residents like to come here to relax.
In addition to sights that characterize ravines such as exposed strata and lush vegetation, spring water flowing from a number of locations along the trail, small bridges spanning the river, and the chirping of birds lure us to a world out of the ordinary.
Another rare feature that can be found here is a tunnel tomb (oketsubo in Japanese) discovered midway down the path on the eastern slope of the ravine. Tunnel tombs were believed to have been constructed sometime during the Kofun period (mid-3rd to 7th centuries) and Nara period (710-784). One of them, Tunnel Tomb No.3, is well-preserved and maintains its original appearance, so visitors can take a peek inside. Not far from the park, you can also find the Noge Otsuka Tumulus, a sign that this area was a historically important place.
An urban oasis that takes visitors to a different world—discover its charms during all seasons.

Todoroki Keikoku Tunnel Tomb No.3

Alight at Todoriki Station on the Tokyu Oimachi Line. Todoroki Keikoku Park is a 3-minute walk from the station.
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