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Updated on February 24, 2022

Date 10 February 2022

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Edo-Tokyo Museum to close due to major renovations until fiscal 2025

The Edo-Tokyo Museum (Sumida City) will be closed for an extended period of time from April 2022 until mid-fiscal 2025 (exact date yet to be confirmed) due to major renovations. The building was built and opened in 1993 and almost 30 years have passed since then. Major renovations have become necessary because of deterioration of the entire facility, including equipment. Before the long-term closure, a pre-closure event “Mata ne! Edo Exhibit” (See you soon! Edo Exhibition) will be held until the end of March, with a performance also planned. 
In addition, we have released a virtual tour of the special exhibition online (ending at the end of March 2022), and panoramic views that appear as if you were walking in the building. 
The staff in charge said that hope everyone will be able to enjoy the Edo Exhibit online even during the long-term closure. 

Pre-closure event
A Kaori Muraji mini concert was held on February 5.
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Some original products and books will be on sale before the closure. Bargains include past special exhibition catalogs.
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The permanent exhibition can be viewed online with a panoramic view.