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Date 27 May 2022

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Enjoying food from Tokyo at Spring Food Festival 2022

The Spring Food Festival 2022 “Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum” was held from May 20 to May 22 at the Stone and Light Plaza and Flower Plaza in Symbol Promenade Park (Koto City, Tokyo) for visitors to enjoy the charm of food in Tokyo.
The venue was lined with 35 booths in four categories: best restaurants in Tokyo, world-class Japanese food, world cuisine in Tokyo, and supreme sweets. Visitors enjoyed the various food while also taking precautions against COVID-19.
Governor Koike, who participated in the opening ceremony, said, “Tokyo is an extremely attractive city where you can enjoy different foods from all over the world. Through this festival, I hope that many people will enjoy the expertise and flavors that the various pillars of food are studying every day.”

Photo of venue 1

Photo of Governor Koike
Governor Koike made a toast at the ceremony

Photo of venue 2

Visitors enjoy meals purchased at the booths.

Photo of venue 3

Photo of cup

Photo of shaved ice
Rich mango shaved ice from Yuki Usagi

Photo of sushi
Seafood scattered sushi from Edomae Sushi Aoyama Sanaka

Photo of tempura rice bowl
Seafood premium tempura rice bowl from Nihonbashi Tendon Kaneko Hannosuke

Photo of product exhibition booth

There were product exhibitions from Tokyo and 27 other municipalities across Japan.

Photo of ice cream
Strawberry and hojicha gelato from Okaji Japanese Style Gelato

Photo of tempura rice bowl delivery

Staff from Kaneko Hannosuke wear nice happi coats.