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Date 20 September 2022

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Training conducted for the first time in two years
Tokyo-Shinagawa joint comprehensive disaster prevention drill

From September 3 to 4, the FY2022 Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Drill was held at Shinagawa Chuo Park and Shinagawa Nishioi Hiroba Park.
On September 3, hands-on drills were conducted for the emergency transport of relief supplies by water and air, initial fire response, rescues, first-aid, and other topics.
Meanwhile, on September 4, disaster prevention organizations (police, firefighters, Self-Defense Forces, etc.) conducted rescue and first aid activities using drones, and there was disaster prevention football to help participants memorize stockpile items.
Governor Koike said, “Next year marks 100 years since the Great Kanto Earthquake. In the aftermath of the earthquake, local efforts such as neighborhood associations contributed to rescues and mutual assistance. I would like everyone to work on daily preparedness and drills with the spirit of always being prepared, and to further enhance the disaster prevention capabilities of the local area.”

Photo of drill 1

Photo of drill 2

Photo of drill 3
Governor Koike visited the drill.

Photo of disaster prevention football 1
Children learned a list of items to stockpile while passing the ball in disaster prevention football