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Date 24 October 2022

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Bureau of Citizens, Culture and Sports

Working with Commercial Facilities to Protect Children from Crime

In order to protect children from crime and accidents, the Tokyo Children's Watch Circle Project started in June in cooperation with businesses such as commercial facilities that are filled with parents and their children. (Partners: Aeon Town Co., Ltd., Aeon Mall Co., Ltd., Aeon Retail Co., Ltd., Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd.)
This project aims to raise the awareness of parents and children about crime prevention, and to protect children in the community by broadcasting awareness videos, holding events, and providing outreach to employees working in stores.
Yuko Koyama, General Manager of Ito-Yokado’s CSR Promotion Department and SDGs Promotion Department in the Corporate Planning Office, said, “I have heard that the number of crimes and accidents involving children is increasing. I think that together we can contribute to protecting children from crime.”
A person in charge of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said, “I think many customers, not only families, come to commercial facilities. I hope this will encourage everyone to think about the safety of children.”

Photo of video being shown
Awareness-raising videos are shown.

Photo of inside of facility
At the Ito-Yokado Kiba Store,
regular in-house announcements call for cooperation in watching over children