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Date 12 December 2022

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Bureau of Port and Harbor

Tokyo Heliport celebrates its 50th anniversary

This year marks 50 years since the opening of the Tokyo Heliport in Shin-kiba, Koto City. It is the largest public heliport in Japan, with about 20,000 takeoffs and landings a year. The heliport accounts for about half of the annual number of takeoffs and landings at public heliports in the country.
Highly maneuverable helicopters are utilizing in a wide range of fields, such as to transporting and rescuing emergency patients and others, transporting emergency equipment and materials, transporting construction materials to and spraying mountainous and other areas, covering the news, and sightseeing.
The Tokyo Heliport provides pilots taking off and landing at the heliport with information including on aircraft in the vicinity, runway takeoff and landing status, and weather conditions. 
It is also an air transport base for the emergency transportation network in the event of disasters, and was used as a relay refueling station for aircraft transporting emergency relief supplies to affected areas during the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Several drills are held annually here. A drill against hijackers and intruders was conducted jointly with a police station to double-check the communication system in the event of an emergency. Firefighting and rescue drills were also held in cooperation with a fire station, as fuel fires at the heliport can lead to serious accidents.

Panoramic view of the heliport
You can see the entire heliport.

Photo of helicopter 1

Photo of helicopter 2

Photo of ground-to-air communication room
Information is provided from the ground-to-air communication room.

Photo of drill 1
Firefighting and rescue training in cooperation with the Joto Fire Station

Photo of drill 2
Everything was practiced in the drill, even catching a suspect.

Photo of drill 3
Drill against hijackers and intruders conducted with the Tokyo Wangan Police Station. Even police dogs played their part.