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Date 13 October 2022

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Disaster drill with various activities

On September 25, a disaster drill organized by the Saginomiya-Nishi Jutaku Neighborhood Association was held at the Saginomiya-Nishi Jutaku Central Children's Park in Nakano City. Saginomiya-Nishi Jutaku is a housing complex with about 680 households in 19 buildings, and about a quarter of the residents are foreign nationals. The purpose of the drill was to provide a good opportunity for interactions between residents of the neighborhood association and foreign residents. With the support of Nakano City and Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation TSUNAGARI, about 200 people participated in the disaster drill, which was publicized in easy Japanese so that foreign residents could easily understand.

[Note] In order to revitalize neighborhood and community associations, which suffer from a shortage of leaders, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation TSUNAGARI has implemented the “Neighborhood and Community Association Support Caravan,” which helps municipalities and prefectures from project planning to implementation. This disaster preparedness drill is one of them.

Photo of participants 1
First everyone disinfected their hands

Photo of earthquake simulation vehicle 1
Participants experienced shaking by getting on an earthquake simulation vehicle

Photo of earthquake simulation vehicle 2

Photo of participants 2
Foreign resident playing a game to spot differences in order to learn about preventing furniture from toppling over

Photo of participants 3
Parents and children experienced using a water fire extinguisher