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Date 05 August 2022

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Eagerly awaiting the completion of the lush green aerial corridor

Do you know about the KK Expressway? Officially known as the Tokyo Expressway, it is a free, elevated, two-kilometer-long roadway for automobiles managed, and operated by Tokyo Skyway Company that was built by reclaiming the Edo Castle’s outer moat, Shiodome River, and Kyobashi River in the Ginza area.

Photo of KK Expressway
KK Expressway near Harumi-dori Street

The Kabushiki Kaisha Expressway is also known as the KK Expressway. A total of 14 buildings under the elevated road are used as rental spaces for facilities such as stores, offices, and parking lots, and the construction and operating costs of the road are being recovered through building rental income.
Plans are moving forward to revitalize the KK Expressway.
The Shin-Kyobashi connecting road, a new ring route in central Tokyo, will be constructed when the Nihonbashi section of the Metropolitan Expressway is placed underground. Vehicles that now use the KK Expressway will consequently use the underground Shin-Kyobashi connecting road, greatly reducing the expressway's role as an automobile-only road.

Illustration 1

As a result of the study of the existing facilities on the KK Expressway, it was decided to revitalize and utilize the space as Tokyo Sky Corridor, a pedestrian-oriented public space and aerial corridor.

Illustration 2
Illustrative image of the aerial corridor Tokyo Sky Corridor

Illustration 3
Enjoy views of the city below

Illustration 4
There are places to relax surrounded by a lot of greenery

Illustration 5
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The goal is to complete the entire upper area of the KK Expressway from the 2030s to 2040s. Look forward to the green aerial corridor that everyone can enjoy.

Please see the revitalization initiative for the Tokyo Expressway (KK Expressway) for more information.
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