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Date 11 May 2022

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“New and enjoyable!”Special Needs School Virtual Attraction Experience

On May 2, the Komei Special Needs School (Setagaya City, Tokyo) held an attraction experience using virtual reality and other technologies. This is the third event for the Smiles for Children Project.
The children enjoyed the four virtual experiences with videos using digital technology and music, in addition to cyber boccia with support functions.
Urara Arai, a third-year high school student and the student body president, said, “I think cyber boccia can be enjoyed by everyone, even those who are not familiar with boccia, because the machine assists them. It was a new and enjoyable experience. With COVID-19 making things different, I am happy for events like this.”

Students enjoying the attraction (left)

Students playing cyber boccia against each other

Ms. Arai participating in boccia