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Date 25 October 2022

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Bureau of Transportation

Comprehensive Emergency Drill Including for Unexpected Problems

On October 11, the Toei Subway Comprehensive Emergency Drill was held at the Shimura Vehicle Inspection Center (Itabashi City) for the Toei Mita Line. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this was the first drill conducted on a normal scale in three years.
This drill was conducted jointly by station, operation, and maintenance departments in addition to individual drills conducted on a daily basis at the workplace level so that immediate responses can be taken for emergencies such as disasters. For this time, it was assumed that a train derailed due to an earthquake with a seismic intensity of lower 6. In cooperation with the Shimura Fire Station of the Tokyo Fire Department, evacuation guidance was provided for passengers and recovery drills were conducted for derailed train cars. In addition, some parts of the drill were not told to the participants in advance, resulting in a tense atmosphere.

Photo of participants
A total of 248 people participated in the drill on a sunny day.

Photo of drill 1
Passengers were evacuated as soon as possible.

Photo of drill 2
Artificial respiration was given to the seriously injured.

Photo of drill 3
Participants were not informed of this drill.
The atmosphere became tense with the announcement of an aftershock.

Photo of repairs 1
Workers climbing ladders to restore service on a train line.

Photo of repairs 2
Workers repairing a derailed train car.
It is very difficult to make subtle adjustments to raise the train car little by little.