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Date 30 September 2022

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An essential item
Free distribution of sanitary products

On September 1, free distribution of sanitary pads began at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. According to a national survey[Note], a high percentage of respondents said that they replace sanitary products with toilet paper, tissues, and other items as a way to deal with the difficulty of purchasing and obtaining sanitary products. Based on this, we decided to implement a model for the free distribution of sanitary products at public facilities in Tokyo.
[Note] Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare: “Survey on the impact of period poverty on women's physical and mental health” (FY2021)

Distribution Location

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum: Multipurpose restroom in front of Citizen’s Gallery 1 on lobby floor

Installed the free sanitary pad dispenser, OiTr

Photo of OiTr
Download the OiTr app

Photo of restroom
OiTr installed in a private restroom

How to Use

  1. Download the OiTr app and register as a user.
  2. Launch the app, and when you move your smartphone close to the dispenser, a napkin will come out from the opening.

Sanitary napkins have been placed and provided in some women's toilets in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.


North side toilet on 1st floor of Government Building No. 1
North side toilet on 1st floor of Government Building No. 2