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Date 02 June 2022

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“monpluie bouge” wins Tokyo Governor AwardPresentation for “Tokyo Teshigoto” project products

On May 24, a presentation for “Tokyo Teshigoto” project products was held at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall (Chuo City, Tokyo), where new products developed through a collaboration between traditional craftspeople and designers were shown for the first time. The project aims to create new products that are unique to Tokyo and open up new markets both in Japan and overseas through the delicate “handiwork” (teshigoto) of master craftspeople.
The first part was a presentation of products developed in 2021. And in the second part, three Excellence Award-winning products were announced, and awards including the Tokyo Governor Award were presented. Kimie Yamaguchi, the representative creator of Mont Blanc Crporation's “monpluie bouge” (Tokyo Youkasa umbrella), which was selected for the Tokyo Governor Award, said, “I was surprised to win this award. Now, umbrellas that are made in Japan make up less than 1% of the market. Even so, Tokyo umbrellas were chosen as one of the 41 traditional crafts designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2018, and I also qualified as a traditional craftsperson. I hope to continue promoting the Tokyo umbrella industry into the future.”
The products presented here have been available since June 1 at Nihon Department Store’s NIhonbashi branch in COREDO Muromachi Terrace in Chuo City, Tokyo.

Photo of venue

Photo of umbrella
Tokyo Governor Award winner, the “monpluie bouge” Tokyo Youkasa umbrella

Photo of Ms. Yamaguchi

Ms. Yamaguchi from Mont Blanc Corporation talking about her delight to win the award.

Photo of award winners
Commemorative photo of award winners

Photo of bags

Edo komonKATAK “ATA, winner of the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center Board Chairman's Award.
The hand-dyed bags with Edo komon designs have three types of Ise katagami paper stencils.

Photo of grater

Excellence Award-winning “Copper Grater & Catch Plate”.
The easy-to-use condiment grater has a built-in saucer for use at the dining table.