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Updated on June 3, 2022

Date 22 April 2022

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Harami-chan makes an appearance at a school!

On April 18, Harami-chan, a pianist who performs mainly on YouTube, gave a surprise performance for the students at Mitaka Secondary School in Mitaka City. This is the first event for Smiles for Children Project to be implemented by the TMG this year. This initiative is for children who are facing various restrictions, such as the cancellation of extracurricular activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
About 460 students gathered in the gymnasium after hearing there would be an assembly, and they cheered as the curtain rose on the stage and revealed Harami-chan playing the piano. Harami performed two songs, including “Into the Night” by YOASOBI. Students said that they were feeling frustrated because of COVID-19, and are part of a generation that understands the importance of smiles. They also said that they would like to participate in activities to bring smiles to the faces of children as adults.
Hinoka Hosono, a second-year high school student and the chairperson of the school’s chorus festival committee, handed a bouquet to Harami-chan and said, “We are now preparing for our chorus festival, but things often do not go as planned during the COVID-19 pandemic, so I was happy to have Harami-chan come and play the piano for us. It has motivated me to do the event”.

Photo of Harami-chan 1
Harami-chan playing the piano

Photo of Harami-chan 2

Commemorative photo
Commemorative photo with everyone