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Date 23 August 2022

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Try eating chewy and fluffy rice bread

With the soaring price of imported wheat due to factors such as the conflict in Ukraine, the TMG is conducting the TOKYO JAPAN Campaign to encourage the use of rice flour as a substitute for wheat. JA Tokyo Agri Park (Shibuya City, Tokyo), located near Shinjuku Station’s South Exit, has been selling rice bread since July 19 in line with this.
Hiroaki Komatsu, the manager of the facility, said, “When we started selling the bread in July, some customers came to buy it after they heard about rice bread from Governor Koike's press conference. It is selling very well.” There were also staff in charge of rice bread in the sales area to provide information about how to eat it, how to store it, and other general information.
Ricer bread is also being sold in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building staff cafeteria café section.

Please visit this website for other stores that are participating in this campaign and information on upcoming events.

Photo of bread 1
Rice bread lining the shelves at JA Tokyo Agri Park. There is a wide variety of loaves and sweet breads

Photo of bread 2

Photo of bread 3

Photo of Agri Park

Photo of Mr. Komatsu
Mr. Komatsu smiling while holding rice bread

Photo of bread 4
Rice bread being sold in the café section of the staff cafeteria in Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 1 and No. 2