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Date 23 December 2022

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Bureau of Citizens, Culture and Sports

Crossing over forms of expression: Tokyo Caravan the 2nd

“Tokyo Caravan the 2nd” was held at Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park Outdoor Theatre’s “Global Ring Theatre” (Toshima City) from December 15 to 17th.
Tokyo Caravan is a cultural circus based on the concept proposed by playwright Noda Hideki that “culture is born when artists who have never met before go beyond language, national borders, and genres of expression and mingle together.”
In this year’s “Tokyo Caravan the 2nd,” performers from various genres such as the actress Maeda Atsuko, musicians, a Double Dutch team, traditional Ryukyu dancers, and traditional Ainu dancers performed together for unique performances.
In a media interview after the performances, Mr. Noda, who was in charge of directing the performances, said, “The performances were full of highlights. I like the fact that the flowing performance came together as one.”

Photo of performance 1
Actress Maeda Atsuko
Tokyo Caravan the 2nd
Photographed by Okamoto Takashi

Photo of performance 2
Traditional Ainu dance performed by the Ainu Association of Hokkaido

Photo of performance 3
Classical Japanese dancer Hanayanagi Kina (left) and puppeteer Sawa Noriyuki

Photo of performance 4
REG☆STYLE, the world’s leading professional Double Dutch team
Tokyo Caravan the 2nd
Photographed by Okamoto Takashi