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Date 15 November 2022

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Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health

A Better World with More Foster Families

There are about 4,000 children in Tokyo who are unable to live with their parents due to various circumstances, such as parental illnesses or abuse. Foster parents welcome these children into their families and raise them in a family environment. While raising the children as foster parents, staff from child guidance centers and related organizations regularly visit the home to provide advice on raising children.
There are several conditions for becoming a foster parent, such as financial criteria, housing conditions, and so on. After confirming that these conditions are met, the Governor of Tokyo will provide certification after the foster parent takes training, a family survey is conducted by child guidance center staff, and deliberation by a deliberative council.
One person who is a foster parent in Tokyo said, “I am happy every day because I receive a lot of happiness and excitement from my children. I hope that many people will know about the foster parent system and that there will be more foster families.”
Focusing on Foster Parent Month in October and November, we will hold experience presentations in each city where participants can listen to the experiences of foster parents raising children and former foster children who lived in foster homes.

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This foster family gave their opinions.

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Satopen is the image character for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Foster Care System

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Foster Care System