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Date 04 October 2022

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Incorporating the opinions of children
Future bay area

Do you know about the Tokyo Bay eSG Project? It is a project that envisions urban development in Tokyo’s bay area for the next 50 and 100 years. The aim is to become a sustainable city that combines the richness of nature with technology.
As a precursor project, we will implement cutting-edge technology in the vast field of the central breakwater area.
The following three themes will be implemented:

A: Next-generation mobility
Examples: flying cars, micro-mobility vehicles, fuel cell ships, etc.

B: State-of-the-art renewable energy
Examples: pavement solar energy systems, floating solar energy systems, vertical wind energy systems, etc.

C: Environmental improvement and resource recycling
Examples: carbon dioxide adsorption technology, water and sediment quality improvement technology, upcycling of waste plastics[Note], etc.
A person involved in the project said, “We think it is necessary to incorporate the opinions of children, who are responsible for the future, in order to proceed with the project. In FY2021, we incorporated their opinions through an event where Lego blocks were used to create the bay area of the future. I hope to continue such initiatives.”
[Note] To give new value to a product that would otherwise be discarded and reclaim it.

Photo of illustration
Illustrative image of the future bay area

Photo of child 1
A painting competition was held in November of last year

Photo of child 2
There was also an event for children to create the bay area of the future using LEGO blocks