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Updated on June 3, 2022

Date 12 April 2022

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Pre-start Doctor-Heli EMS training for greater speed during emergencies

The TMG’s Doctor-Heli EMS began operating on March 31, mainly in the mountainous Tama region, to further enhance the emergency medical care system. Prior to this, a training session held at Kamiyugi Park Athletic Stadium on March 24 was open to the press. It involved transporting a woman in serious condition who had been in a traffic accident in Hachioji City by ambulance to the rendezvous point[Note] at the stadium. The helicopter had to reach the patient and transport them to Kyorin University Hospital.
The Doctor-Heli EMS has the advantage of being able to rush to the scene of emergencies with doctors and other medical personnel on board, regardless of the terrain or traffic conditions, and to begin treatment even before reaching a hospital.
The launch base is the Tama Aviation Center in Tachikawa City. Every day, doctors and nurses at Kyorin University Hospital and other hospitals are on standby from 8:45 AM until sunset. When 119 emergency calls are received, the fire department will determine the severity of the patient's condition, and request a helicopter to go to a rendezvous point, such as a school playground or park.

[Note] Doctor-Heli and ambulance rendezvous point
The general public cannot make direct requests.

Photo of helicopter

Photo during training
Training to place patient on helicopter