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Updated on June 3, 2022

Date 12 April 2022

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Additional trains added from the “Little Daruma” series

Traveling by train with small children can be difficult. Many parents may have had trouble with their children being fussy on the train. In order for such people to use trains comfortably without anxiety, the Toei Subway Oedo Line operates trains with “child-rearing support spaces” that are decorated with popular children's characters and picture book designs. Nine trains have been operated with themes such as “Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends” and the picture book “Groompa’a Kindergarten”. In addition, three additional trains with designs from the “Little Daruma” picture book series were added on March 4.
A staff member from the Sales Section of the Bureau of Transportation’s Trains Department said, “Children were smiling and seemed to enjoy looking at the pictures. The spaces are not only for those with little children and can be used by everyone. We have also received appreciative and supportive comments, as well as messages on social media saying that the trains are cute and that they want to ride on it. We hope that this initiative will make everyone fall in love with Tokyo’s transportation system. I also hope it will provide an environment that is easier for people with small children to take the train”.

You can check the schedule of train cars with child-rearing support spaces for the day on the Bureau of Transportation website.

Picture book and photo of train car 1

Picture book and photo of train car 2