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Date 24 May 2022

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Supporting Start-up Products:King Salmon Project Media Event

On May 18, a “King Salmon Project” experience event for the media was held at DIAGONALRUNTOKYO (Chuo City, Tokyo).
This project is designed to introduce innovative start-up products to the government to help solve issues faced by start-up companies in the field, and to encourage their growth both in Japan and overseas. Products and other items from the four start-up companies chosen for the first phase of this project were introduced.
Vice Governor Miyasaka, who participated in the event, said, “The TMG is involved in all kinds of areas, including education, medicine, sports, and art. We will create an environment to achieve product market fit [Note]. That is why I think this project exists.”
[Note] When offered products satisfy customer issues and are accepted by appropriate markets.

Photo of Vice Governor Miyasaka 1
Vice Governor Miyasaka delivered opening remarks

Photo of participants
Vice Governor Miyasaka with start-up company representatives

Photo of Vice Governor Miyasaka 2

The Vice Governor testing “Every,” a muscle suit from Innophys Co., Ltd. that uses pneumatic artificial muscles to help wearers lift heavy loads to reduce the burden on the lower back and other muscles. It can be used for highly physical jobs, such as caregiving, agriculture, and manufacturing. No power is required.

Photo of product

DFree is the world's first urination-prediction device using ultrasound technology from Triple W Japan Inc. The built-in ultrasonic sensor can detect the swelling of the bladder and predict urination. Reduces the burden of excretion care for hospitalized patients, etc.

King Salmon Project Website (External link)